Duolingo, Italian course vocabulary

This is all the vocabulary that I studied at the English–Italian and the Spanish–Italian courses at Duolingo.

This is the first version of this Web page. The next version will include complementary information (regarding columns n' and g').

Notes about the vocabulary table

The meaning of each column heading is as follows:

  • pos: part of speech (article, noun, verb, adjective, etc.).
  • pos_1: part of speech (second level definition).
  • pos_2: part of speech (third level definition).
  • word: the word in Italian.
  • meaning: the English translation (in this same column, but in a different row, the Spanish translation or a comment, may appear.
  • n: the number (singular, plural).
  • g: the gender (masculine, feminine).
  • n': a keyword to expand the definition of the number

    To be included…

  • g': a keyword to expand the definition of the gender

    To be included…

While I originally entered the “part of speech” terms in English, I translated them into Italian as I advanced.

At the “meaning” column, when intersecting a “verb“ row, the numbers in parenthesis represent the number of the person: 1=I, 2=you, 3=he, she, it, etc., therefore, “(25) drink” = “you (2nd person singular) drink / you (2nd person plural) drink ”

pos pos_1 pos_2 word meaning n g n' g'
u: 1 Basics 1
art determ. il the s m    
art determ. la the s f    
art determ. l’ the (before vowel) s b    
art indeterm. un a s m    
art indeterm. una a s f    
pron personale 1 sogg. io I    
pron personale 1 sogg. tu you    
pron personale 1 sogg. lui he    
pron personale 1 sogg. lei she    
sost acqua water s f    
sost mela apple s f   f
sost pane bread s m    
sost ragazzo boy s m   v
sost ragazza girl s f   v
sost uomo man s m x x
sost donna woman s f   x
sost zucchero sugar s m    
verbo bevo (1) drink    
verbo bevi (25) drink    
verbo beve (3) drinks    
verbo sei (25) are    
verbo è (3) is    
verbo mangio (1) eat    
verbo mangi (25) eat    
verbo mangia (3) drinks    
u: 2 Basics 2
art determ. lo it, the, him s m    
art determ. i the p m    
art determ. gli the p m    
art determ. le the p f    
prep artic. al a + il    
prep artic. nel in + il    
prep artic. nello in + lo    
pron personale 1 sogg. noi we    
pron personale 1 sogg. voi you    
pron personale 1 sogg. loro they, their, them    
sost giornale newspaper s m    
sost libro book s m    
sost ragazzi boys p m   v
sost ragazze girls p f   v
sost uomini men p m x x
sost donne women p f   x
verbo ho (1) have    
verbo ha (3) has    
verbo beviamo (4) drink    
verbo bevete (25) drink    
verbo bevono (6) drink    
verbo sono (1) am    
verbo siamo (4) are    
verbo siete (25) are    
verbo leggo (1) read    
verbo leggi (25) read    
verbo legge (3) reads    
verbo leggiamo (4) read    
verbo leggete (25) read    
verbo leggono (6) read    
verbo scrivo (1) write    
verbo scrivi (25) write    
verbo scrive (3) writes    
verbo scriviamo (4) write    
verbo scrivete (25) write    
verbo scrivono (6) write    
u: 3 Common Phrases
agg spiacente sorry s b 2  
avv giudizio negativo no no    
avv giudizio negativo non no    
avv giudizio affermativo yes    
interz arrivederci good bye    
interz ciao hello, bye    
interz grazie thank you    
interz prego please, you are welcome    
u: 4 Food
agg fritto fried s m    
sost aglio garlic s m    
sost banana banana s f    
sost bevanda beverage s f    
sost bicchiere glass s m    
sost birra beer s f    
sost biscotto cookie s m    
sost bottiglia bottle s f    
sost burro butter s m    
sost caffè coffee b m i  
sost caramella candy s f   f
sost carota carrot b f i  
sost cena dinner s f    
sost cibo food s m    
sost cioccolato chocolate s m    
sost ciotola bowl s f    
sost colazione breakfast s f    
sost crema cream s f    
sost cuoco cook s m   v
sost fagiolo bean s m    
sost forchetta fork s f    
sost formaggio cheese s m    
sost frutta fruit b f   f
sost gelato ice-cream s m    
sost latte milk s m u  
sost manzo beef s m    
sost pesce fish s m   p
sost piatto plate s m    
sost pollo chicken s m   p
sost tazza cup s f    
sost torta cake s f   f
sost uovo egg s m f  
sost uva grape s f u  
verbo bollire to boil    
(!) all infinitive verbs with this bkg-color were added by hand
verbo bolle it boils    
verbo cucinare to cook    
verbo cucino (1) cook    
verbo cucina (3) cooks    
verbo mangiamo (4) eat    
verbo mangiate (25) eat    
verbo mangiano (6) eat    
verbo tagliare to cut    
verbo taglio (1) cut    
verbo taglia (3) cuts    
u: 5 Plurals
prep artic. ai a + i    
sost animali animals p m    
sost banane bananas p f    
sost bicchieri glasses p m    
sost biscotti cookies p m    
sost bottiglie bottles p f    
sost cani dogs p m   p
sost caramelle candies p f    
sost cavalli horses p m   vx
(!) il femminile è le cavalle (o le giumente?)
sost cuochi cooks p m   v
sost elefanti elephants p m   p
sost farfalle butterflies p f   p
sost forchette forks p f    
sost gatti cats p m   v
sost gatte cats p f   v
sost giornali newspapers p m    
sost insetti insects p m    
sost libri books p m    
sost mele apples p f    
sost panini sandwiches p m    
sost pesci fish p m   p
sost piatti plates p m    
sost polli chickens p m   p
sost mucche cows p f   x
sost torte cakes p f    
sost uccelli birds p m   p
u: 6 Animals
sost anatra duck s f   p
sost animale animal s m    
sost balena whale s f   pf
sost cane dog s m   px
(!) il femminile è la cagna o la cagnetta
sost cavallo horse s m   vx
(!) il femminile è la cavalla (o la giumenta?)
sost delfino dolphin s m   p
sost elefante elephant s m   p
sost farfalla butterfly s f   p
sost formica ant s f   p
sost ape bee s f   x
(!) il fuco, chiamato anche pecchione, è il maschio dell’ape domestica
sost gatto cat s m   v
sost insetto insect s m    
sost leone lion s m   v
(!) il femminile è leonessa
sost lupo wolf s m   p
sost mosca fly s f   p
sost orso bear s m   v
sost pinguino penguin s m   p
sost ragno spider s m   p
sost scimmia monkey s f   p
sost serpente snake s m   p
sost squalo shark s m   p
sost tartaruga turtle s f   p
sost tigre tiger s f   p
sost topo mouse b m   p
sost toro bull s m   x
sost mucca cow s f   x
(!) mucca è solo il nome comune di vacca
sost uccello bird s m   p
sost zoo zoo s m    
u: 7 Food 2
agg acido acid s m    
agg dolce sweet s b 2  
sost arancia orange s f   f
sost bistecca steak s f    
sost cameriere waiter x x   v
sost carne meat s f    
sost cipolla onion s f    
sost coltello knife s m    
sost cucchiaio spoon s m    
sost fame hunger s f u  
sost fragola strawberry s f    
sost funghi mushrooms p m    
sost ghiaccio ice s m    
sost griglia grill s f    
sost gusto taste s m    
sost ingrediente ingredient s m    
sost insalata salad s f    
sost limonata lemonade s f    
sost limone lemon b m i  
sost maiale pork, pig s m   x
(!) il femminile è la scrofa
sost marmellata jam s f    
sost menu menu b m i  
sost olio oil s m    
sost panino sandwich s m    
sost pasta pasta s f   f
sost pasto meal (food intake) s m   f
sost patata potatoe s f    
sost pepe pepper s m u  
sost pomodoro tomatoe s m    
sost pranzo lunch s m    
sost ricetta recipe s f    
sost riso rice s m a  
(!) il plurale si usa per indicarne più qualità: i risi indiani
sost ristorante restaurant s m    
sost sale salt s m    
sost salsiccia sausage s f    
sost succo juice s m    
sost tacchino turkey s m   p
sost tea b m i  
sost vegetariano vegetarian s m    
sost verdura vegetable s f    
sost vino wine s m    
sost zuppa soup s f    
verbo cenare to have dinner    
verbo cena (3) has dinner    
verbo ceniamo (4) have dinner    
verbo pranzare to have lunch    
verbo pranza (3) has lunch    
verbo pranzano (6) have lunch    
u: 8 Possessives
agg possessivo mio my, mine s m    
agg possessivo mia my, mine s f    
agg possessivo miei my, mine p m    
agg possessivo mie my, mine p f    
agg possessivo tuo Your(s), yours s m    
agg possessivo tua Your(s), yours s f    
agg possessivo tuoi Your(s), yours p m    
agg possessivo tue Your(s), yours p f    
agg possessivo suo his, hers, its s m    
agg possessivo sua his, hers, its s f    
agg possessivo suoi his, hers, its p m    
agg possessivo sue his, hers, its p f    
agg possessivo nostro our, ours s m    
agg possessivo nostra our, ours s f    
agg possessivo nostri our, ours p m    
agg possessivo nostre our, ours p f    
agg possessivo vostro your, yours s m    
agg possessivo vostri your, yours p m    
agg possessivo vostre your, yours p f    
agg possessivo loro they, their, them b b    
agg possessivo proprio just, really, right, truly, own, hhit (own) s m    
agg possessivo propria just, really, right, truly, own, hhit (own) s f    
agg possessivo propri just, really, right, truly, own, hhit (own) p m    
pron possessivo mio my, mine s m    
pron possessivo mia my, mine s f    
pron possessivo miei my, mine p m    
pron possessivo tuo Your(s), yours s m    
pron possessivo tua Your(s), yours s f    
pron possessivo tuoi Your(s), yours p m    
pron possessivo tue Your(s), yours p f    
pron possessivo suo his, hers, its s m    
pron possessivo sua his, hers, its s f    
pron possessivo sue his, hers, its p f    
pron possessivo nostro our, ours s m    
pron possessivo nostra our, ours s f    
pron possessivo nostri our, ours p m    
pron possessivo nostre our, ours p f    
u: 9 Clothing
sost abbigliamento clothing s m    
sost abito suit s m    
sost abiti clothes p m    
sost borsa bag s f    
sost borse bags p f    
sost calza stocking, sock s f    
sost calze stockings, socks p f    
sost camicia shirt s f    
sost camicie shirts p f    
sost cappello hat s m   f
sost cappelli hats p m    
sost cappotto coat s m    
sost cintura belt s f    
sost costume costume s m    
sost cuoio leather s m    
sost divisa uniform s f    
sost giacca jacket s f    
sost gioielleria jewelery s f    
sost gonna skirt s f    
sost guanto glove s m    
sost guanti gloves p m    
sost lana wool s f    
sost maglia shirt s f   f
sost maglione sweater s m    
sost maglioni sweaters p m    
sost ombrello umbrella s m    
sost ombrelli umbrellas p m    
sost orologio watch, clock s m    
sost pantaloni pants p m u  
sost portafoglio wallet s m    
sost portafogli wallets p m    
sost sandalo sandal s m    
sost sandali sandals p m    
sost scarpa shoe s f    
sost scarpe shoes p f    
sost stivale boot s m    
sost stivali boots p m    
sost tasca pocket s f    
sost tasche pockets p f    
sost vestito dress s m    
sost vestiti dresses p m    
verbo compra (3) buys (off), (32) purchases, bribes    
verbo compriamo (4) buy (off), we bribe, we purchase    
u: 10 Questions
agg interr./escl. qualità, identità qual what, which, exactly the same s b 1  
(!) va scritta sempre senza apostrofo
agg interr./escl. qualità, identità quale which, which (one), what, such as s b 2  
(es) cuál
agg interr./escl. qualità, identità quali which, what, which (ones), as, exactly the same p b 2  
(es) cuáles
avv interr./escl. qualità, modo come how, as, like    
avv interr./escl. luogo dov’ where, lest, whereas    
avv interr./escl. luogo dove where, lest, whereas    
(!) had a duplicate in unit 22
avv interr./escl. causa perché why (question), because (answer)    
avv interr./escl. tempo quando when    
(!) had a duplicate in unit 22
pron interr./escl. identità chi who, whom s b u i
(es) quién
(!) had a duplicate in unit 33
pron interr./escl. qualità, identità cos’ what, thing, matter s b u i
pron interr./escl. qualità, identità cosa what, thing, matter s b u i
pron interr./escl. quantità quanto how, how much, how long s m    
pron interr./escl. quantità quanta how, how much s f    
pron interr./escl. quantità quanti many, how many p m    
pron interr./escl. quantità quante many, how, how many p f    
sost domanda question s f    
sost domande questions p f    
sost risposta answer s f    
verbo sapete (5) know    
u: 11 Verbs: Present 1
verbo vado (1) go    
verbo va (3) goes    
verbo andiamo (4) go    
verbo andate (25) go    
verbo apri (25) open    
verbo apriamo (4) open    
verbo aprite (25) open    
verbo arrivi (25) arrive    
verbo arriva (3) arrives    
verbo arrivano (6) arrive    
verbo aspetto (1) wait    
verbo aspettiamo (4) wait    
verbo aspettate (25) wait    
verbo abbiamo (4) have    
verbo avete (25) have    
verbo capisco (1) understand    
verbo capisci (25) understand    
verbo capisce (3) understands    
verbo chiamo (1) call    
verbo chiama (3) calls    
verbo chiedo (1) ask for    
verbo chiede (3) asks for    
verbo chiediamo (4) ask for    
verbo chiedono ask, they ask, they ask for    
verbo conosco (1) know    
verbo conosciamo (4) know    
verbo conoscersi to kwow each other    
verbo ci conosciamo (4) know each other    
verbo credo (1) believe    
verbo credi (25) believe    
verbo crediamo (4) believe    
verbo credono (6) believe    
verbo dare to give    
verbo (3) gives    
verbo danno (6) give    
verbo decidi (25) decide    
verbo decide (3) decides    
verbo decidiamo (4) decide    
verbo dico (1) say    
verbo dice (3) says    
verbo dicono (6) say    
verbo divento (1) become, get (e.g. drunk), turn into    
verbo diventa (3) becomes    
verbo diventano (6) become    
verbo entra (3) enters    
verbo entrate (25) enter    
verbo fai (25) make/do    
verbo fa (3) makes/does    
verbo facciamo (4) make/do    
verbo finisci (25) finish    
verbo finisce (3) finishes    
verbo finiamo (4) finish    
verbo guarda (3) looks    
verbo guardiamo (4) look    
verbo guardate (25) look    
verbo lascio (1) leave    
verbo lascia (3) leaves    
verbo lasciamo (4) leave    
verbo lavoro (1) work    
verbo lavori (25) work    
verbo lavorano (6) work    
verbo metto (1) put    
verbo metti (25) put    
verbo mettete (25) put    
verbo moriamo (4) die    
verbo muoiono (6) die    
verbo parli (25) speak    
verbo parla (3) speaks    
verbo parliamo (4) speak    
verbo parlano (6) speak    
verbo passo (1) pass through    
verbo passi (25) pass through    
verbo passiamo (4) pass through    
verbo passano (6) pass through    
verbo pensa (3) thinks    
verbo pensano (6) think    
verbo piaccio like (1)    
verbo piace like (3)    
verbo piacciono like (6)    
verbo porto (1) take    
verbo porta (3) takes    
verbo potere to be able to    
verbo posso (1) can    
verbo può (3) can    
verbo possiamo (4) can    
verbo possono (6) can    
verbo prendo (1) take    
verbo prendi (25) take    
verbo prende (3) takes    
verbo prendiamo (4) take    
verbo prendono (6) take    
verbo ricordo (1) remember    
verbo ricorda (3) remembers    
verbo ricordate (25) remember, remind, mention    
verbo ricordano (6) remember    
verbo rimane (3) remains    
verbo rimangono (6) remain    
verbo so (1) know    
verbo sa (3) knows    
verbo sappiamo (4) know    
verbo segue (3) follows    
verbo seguiamo (4) follow    
verbo sento (1) hear    
verbo senti (25) hear    
verbo sente (3) hears    
verbo sentiamo (4) hear    
verbo stai (25) are, stay    
verbo sta (3) is, stays    
verbo stanno (6) are, stay    
verbo tenete (25) keep    
verbo tengono (6) keep    
verbo trovo (1) find    
verbo troviamo (4) find    
verbo trovate (25) find    
verbo uso (1) use    
verbo usiamo (4) use    
verbo vedo (1) see    
verbo vede (3) sees    
verbo vediamo (4) see    
verbo vieni (25) come    
verbo viene (3) comes    
verbo venite (25) come    
verbo vivete (25) live    
verbo vivono (6) live    
verbo volere to want, to desire, to demand    
verbo voglio (1) want    
verbo vuoi (25) want    
verbo vuole (3) wants    
verbo vogliamo (4) want    
verbo vogliono (6) want    
u: 12 Colors
agg arancione orange s b 2  
agg arancioni orange p b 2  
agg azzurra blue s f    
agg azzurri blue p m    
agg azzurre blue p f    
agg bianco white s m    
agg bianca white s f    
agg bianche white p f    
agg colorato colored s m    
agg colorata colored s f    
agg colorati colored p m    
agg giallo yellow s m    
agg gialla yellow s f    
agg gialli yellow p m    
agg gialle yellow p f    
agg grigio grey s m    
agg grigia grey s f    
agg grigi greys p m    
agg grigie greys p f    
agg marrone brown s b 2  
agg nero black s m    
agg nera black s f    
agg neri black p m    
agg nere black p f    
agg rosa pink color b b 1  
agg rosso red s m    
agg rossa red s f    
agg rossi red p m    
agg rosse red p f    
agg verde green s b 2  
agg viola purple b b 1  
sost azzurro blue s m    
sost colore color s b    
sost colori colors p b    
sost maglie shirts p f    
u: 13 Conjunctions
congz bensì but (rather)    
congz che that, what, which    
congz e and    
congz ed and    
congz finché while, as long as, until (negate what follows...)    
congz ma but    
congz mentre while, just then    
congz nor, neither… nor    
congz o or    
congz oppure or, or rather, or else    
congz perché because    
congz se if not, if    
congz sia both… and    
(!) sia + che, sia + sia
sost ferro iron s m    
verbo battere to beat, pound    
verbo batti (2) beat, pound    
verbo muoio (1) die    
verbo parlo (1) speak    
u: 14 Prepositions
prep a to, at, in    
prep artic. allo a + lo    
prep artic. alla a + la    
prep artic. all’ a + l’    
prep artic. agli a + gli    
prep artic. alle a + le    
prep da from, by    
prep artic. dal da + il    
prep artic. dallo da + lo    
prep artic. dalla da + la    
prep artic. dall’ da + l’    
prep artic. dai da + i    
prep artic. dagli da + gli    
prep artic. dalle da + le    
prep di of, to, in, belonging to; about    
prep artic. del di + il    
prep artic. dello di + lo    
prep artic. della di + la    
prep artic. dell’ di + l’    
prep artic. dei di + i    
prep artic. degli di + gli    
prep artic. delle di + le    
prep in in (on, with abstract nouns)    
prep artic. nella in + la    
prep artic. nell’ in + l’    
prep artic. nei in + i    
prep artic. negli in + gli    
prep artic. nelle in + le    
prep su on, over, above, about    
prep artic. sul su + il    
prep artic. sullo su + lo    
prep artic. sulla su + la    
prep artic. sull’ su + l’    
prep artic. sui su + i    
prep artic. sulle su + le    
prep con with    
prep artic. col con + il    
prep per for, in order to    
prep tra among, between    
prep fra among, between    
prep ad to, at, in    
prep contro against    
prep d’ of, in, to    
prep dopo after, after all, after which    
prep durante during    
prep entro within, by    
prep fino as far as, until    
(!) hasta (en su valor correcto: de aquí al término de un tiempo, un lugar, etc.)
prep lungo long, along    
prep nonostante despite    
(!) subjuntive marker (except if followed by a noun) // introduces a concessive complement and is used without "che"
prep secondo according to    
prep senz’ without    
prep senza without    
prep tranne except for    
prep verso towards    
sost cinture belts p f    
sost proprio padova padua f u  
sost proprio venezia venice f u  
sost proprio messico mexico m u  
verbo entrano (6) enter    
verbo vengo (1) come    
verbo vive (3) lives    
verbo viviamo (4) live    
u: 15 Dates and Time
avv tempo domani tomorrow    
avv tempo fa ago    
avv tempo ieri yesterday    
avv tempo oggi today    
avv tempo ora hour    
avv tempo presto soon, early, earlier    
avv modo settimanalmente weekly    
avv tempo stamattina this morning    
avv tempo stanotte tonight    
avv tempo stasera this evening, tonight    
avv tempo tardi late    
interz buonanotte good night    
interz buonasera good evening    
interz buongiorno good morning    
sost agosto august s m u  
sost anno year s m    
sost anni years p m    
sost aprile april s m u  
sost autunno autumn s m    
sost calendario calendar s m    
sost compleanno birthday s m    
sost data date s f    
sost date dates p f    
sost decennio decade s m    
sost decenni decades p m    
sost dicembre december s m u  
sost domenica Sunday s f    
sost estate summer s f    
sost febbraio february s m u  
sost festa party s f    
sost feste parties p f    
sost gennaio january s m u  
sost giorno day s m    
sost giorni days p m    
sost giovedì Thursday b m i  
sost giugno june s m u  
sost inverno winter s m    
sost luglio july s m u  
sost lunedì Monday b m i  
sost maggio may s m u  
sost martedì Tuesday b m i  
sost marzo march s m u  
sost mattina morning s f    
sost mercoledì Wednesday b m i  
sost mese month s m    
sost mezzanotte midnight s f    
sost mezzogiorno noon, midday s m    
sost minuto minute s m    
sost minuti minutes p m    
sost momento moment s m    
sost notte night s f    
sost novembre november s m u  
sost ora hour s f    
sost ore hours p f    
sost ottobre october s m u  
sost periodo period s m    
sost pomeriggio afternoon s m    
sost primavera spring s f    
sost ritardo (1) am late s m    
sost sabato saturday s m    
sost secolo century s m    
sost secoli centuries p m    
sost secondi seconds p m    
sost sera evening, night s f    
sost settembre september s m u  
sost settimana week s f    
sost settimane weeks p f    
sost tempo time s m    
sost venerdì friday b m i  
u: 16 Family
sost cognome surname s m    
sost cognomi surnames p m    
sost cugino cousin s m    
sost cugini cousins p m    
sost famiglia family s f    
sost figlio son s m   v
sost figlia daughter s f   v
sost figli sons p m   v
sost figlie daughters p f   v
sost fratello brother s m   x
sost sorella sister s f   x
sost fratelli brothers, siblings p m   x
sost sorelle sisters p f   x
sost genitori parents p m    
sost marito husband s m   x
sost moglie wife s f   x
sost mogli wives p f   x
sost nipote nice/nephew, grandchild s b   i
sost nome name s m    
sost nomi names p m    
sost nonno grandfather s m   v
sost nonna grandmother s f   v
sost nonni grandparents p m   v
sost padre father s m   x
sost papà dad s m u x
sost madre mother s f   x
sost mamma mom s f u x
sost padri fathers p m   x
sost madri mothers p f   x
sost zio uncle s m   v
sost zia aunt s f   v
sost zie aunts p f   v
verbo vivo (1) live    
u: 17 Measurements
agg num-molt 2 doppio double s m    
agg enorme huge, enormous s b 2  
agg enormi huge, enormous p b 2  
agg grand’ big s b 9  
agg grande big s b 9  
agg piccolo small s m    
agg piccola small s f    
agg piccoli small p m    
avv quantità difettivo niente nothing, in no way, in any way    
(!) (vedere "niente" come aggettivo) // locuzioni: { per, da, di } + { niente, nulla }, neppure un po’, niente affatto // in nessuna quantità, in nessun modo // se segue il verbo deve essere sempre accompagnato dalla negazione "non"
pron indeterm. quantità po’ a little    
sost centimetro centimeter s m    
sost centimetri centimeters p m    
sost chilogrammo kilogram s m    
sost chilogrammi kilograms p m    
sost chilometro kilometer s m    
sost chilometri kilometers p m    
sost coppia couple s f    
sost grammo gram s m    
sost grammi grams p m    
sost litro liter s m    
sost litri liters p m    
sost metro meter s m    
sost metri meters p m    
sost miglio mile s m f  
sost misura measurement/size s f    
sost misure measurements/sizes p f    
sost paio pair s m f  
sost pochino a little s b    
sost quarto fourth s m    
sost totale total s m    
u: 18 Occupations
sost architetto architect s m    
sost avvocato lawyer s m   v
sost avvocati lawyers p m   v
sost capitano captain s m    
sost capitani captains, you captain, you head (up) p m    
sost conduttore presenter/driver s m   v
sost conduttrice anchorwoman s f   v
sost conduttori presenters/drivers p m   v
sost contadino farmer s m   v
sost contadini farmers p m   v
sost direttore director s m   v
sost direttrice director, manager, executive s f   v
sost direttori directors p m   v
sost direttrici directors, managers, executives p f   v
sost dottore doctor s m   v
sost dottoressa doctor s f   v
sost dottoresse doctor s f   v
sost dottori doctors p m   v
sost guardia guard s f    
sost guardie guards p f    
sost idraulico plumber s m    
sost idraulici plumbers p m    
sost ingegnere engineer s m    
sost ingegneri engineers p m    
sost lavoro work s m    
sost lavori works p m    
sost meccanico mechanic s m    
sost meccanici mechanics p m    
sost operaia worker s f    
sost operai workers p m    
sost pagliaccio clown s m    
sost pagliacci clowns p m    
sost pescatore fisherman s m   v
sost pescatrice fisherwoman s f   v
sost poliziotto police officer s m   v
sost poliziotta policewoman, police officer s f   v
sost poliziotti police officers p m   v
sost postino postman s m    
sost postini postmen p m    
sost ricercatore researcher s m   v
sost ricercatrice researcher s f   v
sost ricercatori researcher p m   v
sost scrittore writer s m   v
sost scrittrice writer s f   v
sost segretario secretary s m   v
sost segretaria secretary s f   v
sost specialità specialty s f i  
verbo chiamano (6) call    
u: 19 Household
agg limpido clear s m    
agg limpida clear s f    
agg limpide clear p f    
sost appartamento apartment s m    
sost appartamenti flats, apartments p m    
sost asciugamani towels p m    
sost bagno bathroom s m    
sost balcone balcony s m    
sost cancello gate s m    
sost cancelli gates p m    
sost casa house s f   f
sost chiave key s f    
sost chiavi keys p f    
sost coperta blanket s f   f
sost coperte blankets p f    
sost cortile courtyard s m    
sost cucina kitchen s f    
sost cuscino pillow s m    
sost cuscini pillows p m    
sost dentifricio toothpaste s m    
sost divano couch s m    
sost divani couchs p m    
sost doccia shower s f    
sost docce showers p f    
sost entrata entrance s f    
sost finestra window s f    
sost finestre windows p f    
sost forno oven s m    
sost frigorifero fridge s m    
sost frigoriferi fridges p m    
sost giocattolo toy s m    
sost giocattoli toys p m    
sost lampada lamp s f    
sost lenzuola bedsheets p f d  
(!) i lenzuoli (considerati singolarmente) / le lenzuola (considerate a paia)
sost letto bed s m    
sost luce light s f    
sost luci lights p f    
sost mobile furniture s m    
sost mobili furniture p m    
sost muro wall s m    
sost muri walls p m d  
(!) i muri (di una casa) / le mura (di una città, di una fortezza)
sost pavimento floor s m    
sost porta door s f   f
sost rasoio razor s m    
sost riscaldamento heating s m    
sost sapone soap s m    
sost scala ladder s f   f
sost scale ladders p f    
sost sciampo shampoo s m    
sost sciampi shampoos p m    
sost scrivania desk s f    
sost sedia chair s f    
sost sedie chairs p f    
sost seggiola chair s f    
sost seggiole chairs p f    
sost sofà couch b m i  
sost spazzolino toothbrush s m    
sost spazzolini toothbrushes p m    
sost specchio mirror s m    
sost specchi mirrors p m    
sost stanza room s f    
sost tappeto rug s m    
sost tappeti rugs p m    
sost tavola table (as dinning table, not as furniture) s f   f
(!) tavola, which also means a plank or a board, is used to describe the dining table, not as a piece of furniture, but with reference to the table as a place where meals are eaten
sost tavolo table (only as a piece of furniture) s m   f
(!) tavolo, which originates from the feminine word “tavola” (Latin “tabula”), is used almost exclusively to describe a piece of furniture, e.g. il tavolo della cucina (the kitchen table), il tavolo da pranzo (the dining table), il tavolo da disegno (the drawing table), il tavolo da stiro (the ironing board), il tavolo da biliardo (the snooker table)
sost telefono telephone s m    
sost telefoni telephones p m    
sost tenda curtain, tent s f    
sost tende curtains, tents p f    
sost tetto ceiling s m    
sost vasca tub s f    
sost vasche tubs p f    
verbo mettiamo (4) put    
u: 20 Adjectives 1
agg alto tall s m    
agg alta tall s f    
agg alti tall p m    
agg alte tall p f    
agg aperta open s f    
agg basso short s m    
agg bassa short s f    
agg bassi short p m    
agg bello handsome s m 9  
agg bella beautiful s f 9  
agg bravo good, cleaver, great s m 9  
agg brava good, cleaver, great s f 9  
agg brav’ good, cleaver, great s b 9  
agg breve short, brief, little s b 2  
agg buon good s m 9  
agg buono good, good (person/thing) s m 9  
agg buona good s f 9  
agg caldo hot s m    
agg calda hot s f    
agg caldi hot p m    
agg capace capable, competent s b 2  
agg capaci capable, competent p b 2  
agg caro dear, sweet, darling s m    
agg cari dear, sweet, darling p m    
agg indefiniti unità / plur. pl. certi sure, certain, for certain, certainly, firm p m    
agg indefiniti unità / plur. pl. certe sure, certain, for certain, certainly, firm p f    
agg chiara clear s f    
agg chiare clear(-cut), bright, light p f    
agg chiusa closed s f    
agg comune common s b 2  
agg corto short s m    
agg corte short p f    
agg difficile difficult s b 2  
agg difficili difficult p b 2  
agg indefiniti quantità diversa different s f    
agg indefiniti quantità diversi different p m    
agg indefiniti quantità diverse different p f    
agg duro tough, hard; dense, thick-headed s m    
agg dura tough, hard s f    
agg economico cheap, inexpensive s m    
agg economici cheap, inexpensive p m    
agg elettrica electric s f    
agg elettrici electrical p m    
agg elettriche electric p f    
agg facile easy, likely s b 2  
agg famoso famous s m    
agg famosa famous s f    
agg forte strong s b 2  
agg forti strong p b 2  
agg freddo cold s m    
agg fredda cold s f    
agg giovane young (man/woman) s b 2  
agg giusto correct, right, fair s m    
agg giusta correct, right, fair s f    
agg gratuito free s m    
agg gratuita free s f    
agg grosso big, large, fatter s m    
agg grossi big, large, fatter p m    
agg grosse large, big, thick p f    
agg importante important s b 2  
agg impossibile impossible s b 2  
agg impossibili impossibles p b 2  
agg interessante interesant s b 2  
agg interessanti interesant p b 2  
agg interessato interested s m    
agg interessata interested s f    
agg internazionale international s b 2  
agg internazionali international p b 2  
agg intero whole, entire, full s m    
agg intera whole, entire, complete, full, in full, integer, wholly s f    
agg libero free s m    
agg libera free s f    
agg liberi free p m    
agg lunga long s f    
agg lunghe long p f    
agg moderno modern s m    
agg moderna modern s f    
agg moderni modern p m    
agg nazionale national s b 2  
agg nazionali national p b 2  
agg normale normal s b 2  
agg nuovo new s m    
agg nuova new s f    
agg nuovi new p m    
agg nuove new p f    
agg perfetto perfect s m    
agg perfetta perfect s f    
agg perfetti perfect p m    
agg pericoloso dangerous s m    
agg pericolosa dangerous s f    
agg pericolosi dangerous p m    
agg pesante heavy s b 2  
agg pesanti heavy p b 2  
agg pieno full, busy, complete s m    
agg piena full, busy, complete s f    
agg popolare popular s b 2  
agg popolari popular p b 2  
agg possibile possible s b 2  
agg pronto ready, ready made s m    
agg pronta ready, ready made s f    
agg prossimo next s m    
agg prossima next s f    
agg quotidiano daily, everyday s m    
agg ricco rich, wealthy s m    
agg ricca rich, wealthy s f    
agg ricche rich, wealthy p f    
agg sicuro sure, certain s m    
agg sicura sure, certain s f    
agg sola alone s f    
agg soli alone p m    
agg speciale special s b 2  
agg speciali special p b 2  
agg dimostrativo identificativo stesso same, own s m    
agg dimostrativo identificativo stessa same, own s f    
agg straniera foreign s f    
agg stranieri foreign p m    
agg strano strange s m    
agg strana strange s f    
agg unico only s m    
agg unica only, the only one, special, unique s f    
agg utile useful s b 2  
agg utili useful p b 2  
agg vecchio old s m    
agg vecchia old s f    
agg vecchi old p m    
agg vecchie old p f    
agg vero true s m    
avv place ci there    
sost famiglie families p f    
sost notti nights p f    
sost risposte answer p f    
sost sere evenings, nights p f    
verbo amano (6) love    
verbo place esserci to exist, to be (only for 3rd person sg/pl)    
verbo place ci sono there are    
u: 21 Verbs: Present 2
verbo aggiungo (1) add    
verbo aggiungi (25) add    
verbo aggiunge (3) adds    
verbo aiuta (3) helps    
verbo amo (1) love    
verbo ami (25) love    
verbo ama (3) loves    
verbo ascolta (3) listens    
verbo ascoltiamo (4) listen    
verbo ascoltano (6) listen    
verbo attraverso (1) cross    
verbo attraversano (6) cross    
verbo hai (25) have    
verbo hanno (6) have    
verbo bastare to be enough    
verbo basta is enough    
verbo cade (3) falls    
verbo cadono (6) fall    
verbo cambio (1) change    
verbo cambia (3) changes    
verbo cambiamo (4) change    
verbo cambiano (6) change    
verbo cercare to look for    
verbo cerco (1) look for    
verbo cerchi (25) look for    
verbo cerca (3) looks for    
verbo chiudi (25) close    
verbo chiude (3) closes    
verbo chiudete (25) close    
verbo colpisco (1) hit    
verbo colpisci (25) hit    
verbo colpiamo (4) hit    
verbo controllo (1) check    
verbo corro (1) run    
verbo corri (25) run    
verbo corre (3) runs    
verbo corriamo (4) run    
verbo corrono (6) run    
verbo costruisci (25) build    
verbo costruiamo (4) build    
verbo costruiscono (6) build    
verbo cresce (3) grows    
verbo cresciamo (4) grow    
verbo crescono (6) grow    
verbo descrivi (25) describe    
verbo descrive (3) describes    
verbo dimentica (3) forgets    
verbo dimentichiamo (4) forget    
verbo dimostro (1) demonstrate    
verbo dimostra (3) demonstrates    
verbo durare to last    
verbo dura (3) lasts    
verbo fermo (1) stop    
verbo ferma (3) stops    
verbo fermano (6) stop    
verbo gioco (1) play    
verbo giochi (2) play    
verbo gioca (3) plays    
verbo giochiamo (4) play    
verbo giocano (6) play    
verbo gira (3) turns    
verbo girate (25) turn    
verbo guido (1) drive    
verbo guida (3) drives    
verbo guidiamo (4) drive    
verbo impari (25) learn    
verbo impariamo (4) learn    
verbo incontri (25) meet    
verbo incontra (3) meets    
verbo incontriamo (4) meet    
verbo indichi (25) indicate    
verbo indica (3) indicates    
verbo indicate (5) indicate    
verbo inviti (25) invite    
verbo invita (3) invites    
verbo invitiamo (4) invite    
verbo manco (1) miss, left, pass away    
verbo manca is missing, (25) miss, (32) misses    
verbo mancano are missing, are left, are lacking, they die, they fail, they left, they miss    
verbo manda (3) sends    
verbo offro (1) offer    
verbo offri (25) offer    
verbo offre (3) offers    
verbo offriamo (4) offer    
verbo offrite (5) offer    
verbo paga (3) pays    
verbo paghiamo (4) pay    
verbo pagano (6) pay    
verbo perdo (1) lose    
verbo perde (3) loses    
verbo porti (25) take    
verbo portano (6) take    
verbo preferisco (1) prefer, like better, like best    
verbo preferisci (25) prefer    
verbo preferisce (3) prefers    
verbo provare to prove, verify, try    
verbo provo (1) try    
verbo prova (3) tries    
verbo proviamo (4) try    
verbo provano (6) try    
verbo ricevo (1) receive    
verbo riceve (3) receives    
verbo rispondo (1) answer    
verbo rispondi (25) answer    
verbo risponde (3) answers    
verbo rispondiamo (4) answer    
verbo rispondono (6) answer    
verbo ritorni (25) return    
verbo ritorna (3) returns    
verbo salvo (1) save    
verbo salva (3) saves    
verbo salviamo (4) save    
verbo salvano (6) save    
verbo scegli (25) choose    
verbo sceglie (3) chooses    
verbo scegliamo (4) choose, select, pick, decide on, elect    
verbo scusi (25) excuse    
verbo scusa (25) excuse, excuse oneself, say sorry, (32) apologizes, excuses    
verbo scusate (25) excuse    
verbo significa (3) signifies    
verbo significano mean    
verbo spiega (3) explains    
verbo spieghiamo (4) explain    
verbo studio (1) study    
verbo studia (3) studies    
verbo studiamo (4) study    
verbo studiano (6) study    
verbo succede (3) happens    
verbo tiri (25) pull    
verbo tira (3) pulls    
verbo unisci (2) unite    
verbo unisce (3) unites    
verbo unite (25) unite    
verbo vendo (1) sell    
verbo vende (3) sells    
verbo vendono (6) sell    
u: 22 Adverbs
avv tempo adesso now    
avv tempo allora then, since then, from then on    
avv modo almeno at least, all, little    
avv anche also, not only… but also, even    
avv tempo ancora still, yet, even    
avv quantità difettivo appena just, barely, scarcely    
avv modo assolutamente absolutely, completely, dead    
avv modo bene well, right, hard    
avv modo meglio better, good, best    
avv modo benissimo very well    
avv giudizio affermativo certo certainly, sure, surely    
avv place circa around, about, approximately    
avv interr./escl. qualità, modo com’ how, how so, how come    
avv modo completamente completely, entirely, totally    
avv comunque anyway, in any case, however    
avv modo così like that, that, like this    
avv giudizio affermativo davvero really, truly, indeed    
avv luogo dentro inside, in, into    
avv tempo dopo after all, after which    
avv giudizio dubbio forse maybe, perhaps, about    
avv luogo fuori outside, outdoors, out    
avv giudizio affermativo già already, since, by now    
avv modo insieme together, huddle, set    
avv giudizio affermativo insomma well, in a word, in short    
avv luogo intorno around, about, neighborhood    
avv luogo sp:  lontano there, over there    
avv luogo sp:  lontano there, there and then    
avv tempo frequenzia mai never, ever    
(!) sta sempre tra il verbo ausiliare e il verbo: non ho mai visto…
avv quantità eccesso molto very, very much    
avv giudizio negativo neanche even, either, neither    
(!) se messo dopo il verbo, ha bisogno della negazione "non" anteposta a quest’ultimo
avv oltre beyond, in addition to, over    
avv luogo ovunque anywhere, wherever, everywhere    
avv giudizio affermativo ovviamente obviously, evidently, plainly    
avv però but, nevertheless, however    
avv quantità piuttosto pretty, rather, quite    
avv quantità difettivo poco little, not much    
avv tempo poi then, afterwards, secondly    
avv num-ord 1 prima before, first (night)    
avv giudizio affermativo proprio just, really, right, truly, own, hhit (own)    
avv pure also, too, even if, as well, but, well, yet    
avv luogo sp:  vicc./lont. qua here, from here, through here    
avv interr./escl. quantità quanto how, how much, how long    
avv giudizio dubbio quasi almost, nearly, about    
avv luogo sp:  vicc./lont. qui here    
avv tempo frequenzia sempre always, still, ever    
avv quantità solo alone    
avv quantità soltanto just, only, alone    
avv luogo sopra on top of, on top, on    
avv soprattutto especially, mainly, above all    
avv luogo sotto under, at the bottom (of)    
avv tempo frequenzia spesso often, frequently    
avv tempo subito right away, right after, at once    
avv quantità eccesso tanto much, so, as much    
avv quantità eccesso troppo too much, excessive    
avv tuttavia nonetheless, nevertheless, still    
avv modo veramente really, truly, actually    
verbo vanno (6) go    
verbo arriviamo (4) arrive    
verbo capiscono (6) understand    
verbo place c’è there is    
u: 23 Places
agg ferroviario railway s m    
agg ferroviaria railway s f    
sost albergo hotel s m    
sost angolo corner s m    
sost bar bar b m i  
sost campo field s m    
sost campi fields p m    
sost castello castle s m    
sost castelli castles p m    
sost centro center s m    
sost città city b f i  
sost collina hill s f    
sost comunità community b f i  
sost edificio building s m    
sost edifici buildings p m    
sost fattoria farm s f    
sost libreria book store s f    
sost museo museum s m    
sost negozio store s m    
sost paese country, town s m    
sost paesi countries, towns p m    
sost palazzo palace s m    
sost palazzi palaces p m    
sost parco park s m    
sost pasticceria bakery, pastry shop s f    
sost piazza square s f    
sost ponte bridge s m    
sost ponti bridges p m    
sost porto port s m   f
sost posto place s m   f
sost posti places p m    
sost prigione prison s f    
sost provincia province s f    
sost quartiere district, neighborhood, quarter s m    
sost regione region s f    
sost sala hall, room, sitting room, living room s f    
sost stadio stadium s m    
sost stazione station s f    
sost strada street s f    
sost strade streets p f    
sost supermercato supermarket s m    
sost teatro theater s m    
sost teatri theaters p m    
sost villaggio village s m    
verbo chiudiamo (4) close    
verbo entriamo (4) enter    
u: 24 Objects
sost alcol alcohol s m u  
sost automobile car, vehicle s f    
sost automobili cars, vehicles p f    
sost auto car b f i  
sost batteria battery, drum kit, strike s f    
sost benzina gas, petrol, gasoline s f    
sost busta envelope, bag, folder s f    
sost buste envelopes, bags, folders p f    
sost computer computer b m i  
sost cosa thing s f    
sost cose things p f    
sost diario diary s m    
sost flauto flute s m    
sost flauti flutes p m    
sost foglio sheet, (news)paper, folio s m   f
sost fogli sheets, sheets of paper, you foliate, you leaf p m    
sost forma form, shape, hsi is trained/arises/builds s f    
sost macchina car s f    
sost macchine cars p f    
sost motore motor, engine s m    
sost motori motors, engines p m    
sost nave ship s f    
sost navi ships p f    
sost occhiali glasses (to see), spectacles p m u  
sost oggetto object, thing, item s m    
sost oggetti objects, things, items p m    
sost patente license, driver’s license, patent s f    
sost pettine comb, decoration on venetian gondolas s m    
sost pezzo piece s m   f
sost pezzi pieces p m    
sost regalo gift, present, i give away s m    
sost regali gifts, presents p m    
sost ruota wheel, hsi revolves/rolls/rotates/spins s f    
sost ruote wheels p f    
sost scatola box s f    
sost scatole boxes p f    
sost schermo screen s m   f
sost sole sun, sunshine, sunlight s m    
sost spazzola brush, you brush, hsi brushes/grooms s f    
sost strumento instrument s m    
sost strumenti instruments p m    
sost tastiera keyboard, fingerboard s f    
sost ventilatore fan, ventilator, winnover s m    
sost violino violin s m    
sost violini violins p m    
u: 25 People
agg simpatico nice, likeable, pleasant s m    
agg simpatica nice person s f    
agg simpatici nice, nice person, good, likeable p m    
agg umano human, humane s m    
agg umana human, humane s f    
agg umani humans, human, humane p m    
agg umane humans, human, humane p f    
sost adolescente teenager s m    
sost adolescenti teenagers p m    
sost adulto adult s m    
sost adulti adults p m    
sost amico friend s m   v
sost amica friend s f   v
sost amici friends p m   v
sost bambino child, baby boy, little boy s m   v
sost bambina baby girl, little girl, daughter s f   v
sost bambini children, boys, little boy p m   v
sost carattere character, nature s m    
sost cittadino citizen s m    
sost cittadini citizen p m    
sost compagno partner s m    
sost età age b f i  
sost fidanzato boyfriend, fiancé s m   v
sost fidanzata girlfriend, fiancée s f   v
sost fidanzate girlfriends, fiancées p f   v
sost folla crowd s f    
sost folle crowds p f    
sost generazione generation, generations s f    
sost generazioni generation, generations p f    
sost gente people s f u  
sost giovane young (man/woman) s b    
sost giovani young, youngsters, new p b    
sost gruppo group, bunch, cluster s m    
sost gruppi groups, bunches, clusters p m    
sost individuo individual s m    
sost individui individuals p m    
sost matrimonio marriage, wedding s m    
sost ospite guest s b    
sost ospiti guests p b    
sost persona person, people s f    
sost personalità personality, character s f    
sost popolazione population s f    
sost popolo people s m    
sost popoli people, (2) fill (up) with people, populate p m    
sost rapporto relationship, report s m    
sost rapporti relationships, reports p m    
sost signore gentleman, ladies, sir, lord, prince, ruler x x   v
sost signora lady, madam, mistress, wife s f   v
sost signori gentlemen, sirs, lords, princes, rulers p m   v
sost sposa bride, wife s f    
sost sposi newlyweds p m    
sost vicina neighbor, close, near s f   v
sost vicini neighbors, close, close to p m   v
verbo pensiamo (4) think    
u: 26 Clitic Pronouns
agg sicuri sure, certain p m    
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono mi me    
(!) after this pronoun the past participle may agree in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono ti you    
(!) after this pronoun the past participle may agree in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono lo him, it s m    
(!) before this pronoun the past participle agrees in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono la her, it s f    
(!) before this pronoun the past participle agrees in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono l’ him, her, it (dir. object --la, lo-- before vowel) s b    
(!) elided version of "lo" and "la"
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono ci us    
(!) after this pronoun the past participle may agree in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono vi you all    
(!) after this pronoun the past participle may agree in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono li them (masc., masc. + fem.) p m    
(!) before this pronoun the past participle agrees in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2a ogg. dir., atono le them (fem.) p f    
(!) before this pronoun the past participle agrees in g/n with the subject
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico me me    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico te you    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico lui him, it    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico lei her, it    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico noi us    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico voi you all    
pron personale 2b ogg. dir., tonico loro them    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono mi myself    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono ti yourself    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono si one another, himself, each other s b    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono ci ourselves    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono vi yourselves    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono si themselves p b    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono me myself    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono te yourself    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono one another, himself, each other s b    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono noi ourselves    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono voi yourselves    
pron personale 4a rifl. prop., atono themselves p b    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono mi (a me) to me    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono ti (a te) to you    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono gli (a lui) to him, it s m    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono le (a lei) to her, it s f    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono ci (a noi) to us    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono vi (a voi) to you all    
pron personale 3a ogg. ind., atono gli (a loro) to them p b    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a me to me    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a te to you    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a lui to him, it    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a lei to her, it    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a noi to us    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a voi to you all    
pron personale 3b ogg. ind., tonico a loro to them    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono mi,ti,ci,vi,si    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono ci,vi,si    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono ci,vi,si    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono mi,ti,ci,vi,si    
pron personale 3c combinato ce lo [ci + lo] it to us (lit.)    
pron personale 3c combinato ce ne [ci + ne]    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono mi,ti,ci,vi,si    
(!) è usato davanti ai pronomi atoni { la, le, li, lo } ed alla particella "ne"
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono mi,ti,ci,vi,si    
pron si (impers.) makes an personal phrase impersonal    
pron si (passiv.) makes an active phrase passive ("passivating" use)    
pron avverbiale luogo ci (loc) there    
(!) among other uses, this pronoun is generally used before the verb to indicate "there" and not having to repeat the refered place (vai in pizzeria stasera? sì, ci vado) // changes into "ce" before the direct pronouns { lo, la, li, le }
pron avverbiale luogo (formale) vi there (higher register, more formal)    
pron oggetto 2 dimostrativo ci (dem) it    
pron oggetto 2 dimostrativo ne about it (what do you think _)    
pron oggetto 2 partitivo ne of it, of them    
pron personale 5a rifl. impr., atono mi,ti,ci,vi,si,ne    
verbo andarsene to leave, to go    
verbo averci to have    
verbo chiamiamo (4) call    
verbo chiamarsi to call oneself    
verbo si chiama (3) is called    
verbo conosce (3) knows    
verbo conoscono (6) know    
verbo lasci (2) let, leave    
verbo mettersi to put something on (a jacket, a sweater)    
verbo si mette (3) puts on [something]    
verbo ricordarsi to remember    
verbo mi ricordo (1) remember    
verbo ti ricordi (2) remember    
verbo sentirsi to feel (well, bad), to be in a mood (calm)    
verbo mi sento (1) feel (in some way)    
verbo si sente (3) feels (in some way)    
verbo vedete (5) see    
verbo vedersi to see oneself    
verbo ci vediamo (4) see/meet one another again    
verbo si vedono (6) see themselves    
u: 27 Numbers
agg num-card 0 zero zero, cypher b b 1  
agg num-card 1 uno one, a, someone s m    
(!) i numeri composti con { uno, otto } perdono la vocale finale: ventuno, ventotto // i numeri composti di uno (ventuno ecc.) perdono la "o" davanti a sostantivi che iniziano per vocale; inoltre sono sempre seguiti da sostantivi al plurale: trentun anni
agg num-card 2 due two p b 1  
agg num-card 3 tre three p b 1  
(!) i numeri che finiscono per "-tre" richiedono l’accento sulla e finale (tranne "tre"): trentatré
agg num-card 4 quattro four p b 1  
agg num-card 5 cinque five p b 1  
agg num-card 6 sei six, (2) are, feel p b 1  
agg num-card 7 sette seven p b 1  
agg num-card 8 otto eight p b 1  
(!) i numeri composti con { uno, otto } perdono la vocale finale: ventuno, ventotto
agg num-card 9 nove nine p b 1  
agg num-card 10 dieci ten p b 1  
agg num-card 11 undici eleven p b 1  
agg num-card 12 dodici twelve p b 1  
agg num-card 13 tredici thirteen p b 1  
agg num-card 14 quattordici fourteen p b 1  
agg num-card 15 quindici fifteen p b 1  
agg num-card 16 sedici sixteen p b 1  
agg num-card 17 diciassette seventeen p b 1  
agg num-card 18 diciotto eighteen p b 1  
agg num-card 19 diciannove nineteen p b 1  
agg num-card 20 venti twenty, winds, twentieth p b 1  
agg num-card 30 trent’ thirty p b 1  
agg num-card 30 trenta thirty p b 1  
agg num-card 40 quarant’ fourty p b 1  
agg num-card 40 quaranta fourty p b 1  
agg num-card 50 cinquant’ fifty p b 1  
agg num-card 50 cinquanta fifty p b 1  
agg num-card 60 sessant’ sixty p b 1  
agg num-card 60 sessanta sixty p b 1  
agg num-card 70 settant’ seventy p b 1  
agg num-card 70 settanta seventy p b 1  
agg num-card 80 ottanta eighty p b 1  
agg num-card 90 novanta ninety p b 1  
agg num-card 100 cento a hundred, one hundred p b 1  
agg num-card 1000 mille thousand p b 1  
agg indefiniti pluralità alcuni some, a few, certain, any, anybody p m    
agg num-ord 10 decimo tenth s m    
agg num-ord 10 decima tenth s f    
agg indefiniti quantità molto very, very much, a lot of s m    
agg indefiniti quantità molta a lot of, very, many s f    
agg indefiniti quantità molti many, a lot of, at the utmost p m    
agg indefiniti quantità molte many, a lot of, at the utmost p f    
agg num-ord 9 nono ninth s m    
agg num-ord 9 nona ninth, none, nones s f    
agg num-ord 8 ottavo eight s m    
agg indefiniti quantità poco little, a little of, a bit of, a fair amount of s m    
agg indefiniti quantità poca few, little, a few, a little of, not many s f    
agg indefiniti quantità pochi few, a few, little, not many p m    
agg num-ord 1 primo first, at first, first course, earlier s m    
agg num-ord 1 prima before, first (night) s f    
agg num-ord 1 primi first, at first, first course, at face value p m    
agg num-ord 1 prime first, at first, first course, at face value p f    
agg num-ord 4 quarto fourth, quarter s m    
agg num-ord 4 quarte fourths, quarters p f    
agg num-ord 5 quinto fifth s m    
agg num-ord 5 quinta fifth s f    
agg num-ord 2 secondo second s m    
agg num-ord 2 seconda second s f    
agg num-ord 6 sesto sixth s m    
agg num-ord 7 settimo seventh s m    
agg num-ord 7 settima seventh s f    
agg sufficiente enough, sufficient, adequate s b 2  
agg sufficienti enough p b 2  
agg indefiniti quantità tanto much, so, as much, a lot, a lot of s m    
agg indefiniti quantità tanta many, much, a lot, a lot of s f    
agg indefiniti quantità tante many, a lot, a lot of, as much, at most, just as well p f    
agg num-ord 3 terzo third s m    
agg num-ord 3 terza third s f    
agg num-ord 1 ultimo last s m    
agg num-ord 1 ultima last, (3) finishes, (2) finish s f    
agg num-ord 1 ultimi last p m    
avv quantità eccesso abbastanza sufficiently (adv.) / enough, quite, sufficient (adj.)    
(!) questo avverbio può essere usato in funzione di aggettivo
avv quantità difettivo meno less, less and less, less so    
avv quantità eccesso più more, no more, any more    
sost doppio double s m    
sost num-card 1000000 milione million s m    
sost num-card 1000000 milioni million p m    
sost musei museums p m    
sost numero number; i number; shoe size; act s m    
sost numeri number; you number p m    
sost metà half, middle b f i  
u: 28 Determiners
agg indefiniti pluralità alcuna any, a few, anybody, no, nobody, none, some s f    
(!) it behaves like a definite article before a noun // in negative sentences or after "senza", only in singular
agg indefiniti pluralità alcune some, a few, none p f    
(!) it behaves like a definite article before a noun // in negative sentences or after "senza", only in singular
agg indefiniti quantità altro anything else, one another, other (one) s m    
agg indefiniti quantità altra other (one), one another, each other s f    
agg indefiniti unità / plur. pl. certa certain, for certain, certainly, firm s f    
(!) preceded by an indefinite article when in singular (un certo…, una certa…)
agg indefiniti unità sg. nessun no, no one, nobody s m    
agg indefiniti unità sg. nessuna any, no, no one, anybody, anyone, either, neither s f    
agg indefiniti unità sg. ogni every, each s b 1  
agg indefiniti quantità parecchio quite, quite a lot, quite a lot of s m    
agg indefiniti quantità parecchia many, quite a lot of, a good deal of, quite a lot s f    
agg indefiniti quantità parecchi several, many, quite a lot of, a good deal p m    
agg indefiniti quantità parecchie many, quite, quite a few, a good deal p f    
agg indefiniti pluralità qualche some, any, a few, sometime s b 1  
agg indefiniti unità sg. qualsiasi any, just any, anything, common s b 1  
agg indefiniti unità sg. qualunque any, whichever, whatever s b 1  
agg dimostrativo quel that, that (one), what, those (ones) s m    
agg dimostrativo quello what, that (one), those (ones) s m    
agg dimostrativo quella that, that (one), what, those, those (ones) s f    
agg dimostrativo quell’ that, that (one), those (ones), what s b    
agg dimostrativo quegli those, those (ones), he, that (one), that man p m    
agg dimostrativo quei those, those (ones), that (one), what p m    
agg dimostrativo quelli those, those (ones), ones, that (one), what p m    
agg dimostrativo quelle those, those (ones), that (one), what p f    
agg dimostrativo questo this, this (one), these, these (ones) s m    
agg dimostrativo questa this, this (one), these, these (ones) s f    
agg dimostrativo quest’ this, this (one), these, these (ones) s b    
agg dimostrativo questi these (ones), these, this (one), this, this man p m    
agg dimostrativo queste these (ones), these, this, this (one) p f    
agg indefiniti quantità troppo too, too much, all too, only too, too long s m    
agg indefiniti quantità troppa too, too much, too many s f    
agg indefiniti quantità troppi too, too many, too long, all too, only too p m    
agg indefiniti quantità troppe too, too many, too long, all too, only too p f    
agg indefiniti quantità tutto everything, all, whole, altogether, any s m    
agg indefiniti quantità tutta all, whole, altogether, any, anything s f    
agg indefiniti quantità tutti all, everybody, everyone, altogether, any p m    
agg indefiniti quantità tutte all, every, altogether, any, anything p f    
art indeterm. uno one, a you, an, each, first s m    
art indeterm. un’ an, a, you, each, first, one s f    
sost angoli corners p m    
sost bagni bathrooms p m    
sost fidanzati boyfriends, fiancés p m    
sost momenti moments p m    
verbo impara (3) learns    
u: 29 Verbs: Present 3
sost orologi watches, clocks p m    
sost supermercati supermarkets p m    
verbo abbassa (3) lowers, reduces; (2) lower    
verbo abbassiamo (4) lower, we lower oneself, we recede    
verbo abbassano (6) dim, they lower, they abase    
verbo accendo (1) turn on, light, light up, strike    
verbo accende (25) turn on, (32) turns on, (2) put on    
verbo accendiamo (4) turn on, we strike, we light, light, strike    
verbo accettare to accept    
verbo accetti (2) accept, admit, take (on)    
verbo accettate (5) accept, admit, take (on)    
verbo accettano (6) accept, admit, take (on)    
verbo allenarsi to train    
verbo si allena (3) trains, exercises, spars, coaches, practices    
verbo arrostire to roast    
verbo arrostisco (1) roast, toast, broil    
verbo arrostisci (25) roast, broil, toast    
verbo arrostiamo (4) roast, tost, broil    
verbo asciugare to dry    
verbo asciugo (1) dry (off), dry out    
verbo asciuga (3) dries (off), dries out, dries up, becomes lean    
verbo baciare to kiss    
verbo bacia (3) kisses (each other), (5) kiss (each other)    
verbo baciano (6) kiss (each other)    
verbo brucia (3) burns (up), burns off, burns out, burns down    
verbo cammino (1) walk, work ; course, march, path, road    
verbo cammini (25) walk, work    
verbo cammina (3) walks, (25) walk, work, (32) works    
verbo camminiamo (4) walk, work    
verbo camminano (6) walk, work    
verbo canto (1) sing, sing of, chirp, crow, squeal; carol    
verbo canta (3) sings, sings of, chirps, crows, squeals    
verbo cantiamo (4) sing, sing of, chirp    
verbo cantano (6) sing, sing of, chirp    
verbo coltivo (1) grow, crop, farm    
verbo coltiva (3) cultivates, (32) crops, (25) crop; grows    
verbo coltivano (6) cultivate, crop, farm    
verbo compro (1) buy (off), purchase, get, bribe    
verbo compri (25) buy (off), get, purchase    
verbo costo (1) cost    
verbo costa (32) costs; (25) cost; hill(side); rib; coast    
verbo cucini (25) cook, cook up, fix    
verbo cuciniamo (4) cook, we cook up, we fix    
verbo cucinate (25) cook, cook up, fix    
verbo cucinano (6) cook, they cook up, they fix    
verbo disegno drawing; (1) design, style, draw, outline, plan    
verbo disegni (25) draw, design, plan    
verbo disegna (3) designs, (32) draws, (25) draw    
verbo disegniamo (4) draw, we design, we plan    
verbo disegnano (6) design, they plan, they draw    
verbo dispiacere to be sorry    
verbo dispiace (25) are sorry; (32) is sorry    
verbo dormo (1) sleep, am asleep, sit back, go to bed    
verbo dorme (3) sleeps; (32) goes to bed, is asleep; (25) sleep    
verbo dormiamo (4) sleep, we are asleep, we sit back, we go to bed    
verbo dormono (6) sleep, they sit back, they are asleep, they go to bed    
verbo esplorare to explore    
verbo esploriamo (4) explore, analyze, investigate, probe, search    
verbo esplorate (25) explore    
verbo fallisco (1) fail, miss, abort, am unsuccessful, go astray    
verbo fallisci (25) fail, miss, are unsuccessful    
verbo fallisce (3) fails, (32) misses; (25) miss    
verbo falliscono (6) fail, miss, abort, are unsuccessful, go astray    
verbo ferisce (3) hurts, (32) hurts oneself, injures    
verbo feriamo (4) hurt, we injure, we wound    
verbo friggere to fry    
verbo friggi (25) fry, sizzle    
verbo frigge (3) fries, sizzles; (25) fry    
verbo friggiamo (4) fry, we sizzle    
verbo fuma (25) smoke; (32) smokes, steams    
verbo giudico (1) judge    
verbo giudica judges; (25) judge, (32) judges, considers    
verbo giudichiamo (4) judge    
verbo gridare to shout, to yell    
verbo grida (3) scolds, (32) shouts, tells off, cries out    
verbo gridano (6) shout, tell off, scold    
verbo guadagna (3) earns; make; (25) earn; (32) gains    
verbo indosso (1) wear, have on, put on, buckle on    
verbo indossa wears; (32) wears, puts on, buckles on    
verbo indossiamo (4) wear, buckle on, put on    
verbo insegno (1) teach, am teaching    
verbo insegni (25) teach    
verbo insegna (3) teaches; (25) teach; emblem    
verbo insegniamo (4) teach    
verbo lavo (1) wash, wash away, clean, bathe, clean up    
verbo lava (3) washes, washes away, bathes, cleans    
verbo mento (1) lie, tell lies    
verbo mente mind; (25) lie; (32) lies, tells lies    
verbo mentono (6) lie, they tell lies    
verbo migliora (3) improves, (32) improves oneself, gets better    
verbo nuoto (1) swim; swiming    
verbo nuota (3) swims; (25) swim    
verbo nuotiamo (4) swim    
verbo nuotano (6) swim    
verbo parcheggiare to park    
verbo parcheggi (25) park; car park; parking    
verbo parcheggiamo (4) park    
verbo parcheggiano (6) park    
verbo partire to leave, to depart, to set off    
verbo parti parts, depart!, Parthian, aside, be off!, besides    
verbo parte (in) part; side; to take part in; apart, aside    
verbo partiamo let us depart, as from, as of, be off    
verbo pesca (25) fish, fish for, (32) fishes, catches    
verbo pescano (6) fish, they fish for, they find, they catch    
verbo piangi (25) cry, mourn (for), grieve for    
verbo piange (3) cries, (32) mourns (for); (25) mourn (for)    
verbo pianificare to plan    
verbo pianifichi (25) plan    
verbo pianifica (3) plans; (25) plan    
verbo pianifichiamo (4) plan    
verbo prenota (3) reserves, makes a reservation, books    
verbo prenotiamo (4) reserve, book, put one’s name down    
verbo prenotano (6) reserve, they book, they put one’s name down    
verbo presta (3) lends, (32) gives, offers oneself; (25) give    
verbo prestate (5) lend    
verbo prestano (6) lend, they loan    
verbo pulisco (1) clean, clean up, clean itself, am cleaning    
verbo pulisci (25) clean, clean up, clean out    
verbo puliamo (4) clean, clean up, clean out    
verbo pulite (25) clean, clean up, clean out    
verbo ride (3) laughs, (32) not to give a hoot; (25) laugh    
verbo ridete (25) laugh    
verbo ridono theylaugh, they do not give a hoot    
verbo riempi (25) fill (up), fill in, complete; fill    
verbo riempie (3) fills (up), fills in, completes, makes out    
verbo riempiamo (4) fill (up), fill in, complete, make out    
verbo riempiono (6) fill(up), fill in, complete    
verbo ringrazio (1) thank, say thank you    
verbo ringrazia (3) thanks; (25) thank; (32) says thank you    
verbo riparare to repair    
verbo riparo (1) repair, fix, screen, protect; right    
verbo ripara (3) repairs, (32) protects; (25) protect; right    
verbo ripariamo (4) repair, protect, screen    
verbo riposiamo (4) rest, we rest up, we have a rest; rest    
verbo riposarsi to rest, to have a rest, to lie down    
verbo mi riposo (1) rest, rest up, have a rest; rest    
verbo si riposa (3) rests, (32) rests up; (25) rest; rest    
verbo rompe (25) break, break off; (32) breaks    
verbo rompono (6) break, they break off, they crack    
verbo rompersi to break itself    
verbo si rompe (3) breaks itself    
verbo ruba (3) steaks; (25) steal    
verbo seggo (1) sit (down)    
(!) alternative form of "siedo"
verbo siede sit; (32) sits (down), is sitting; (25) sit (down)    
verbo sedersi to sit oneself    
verbo ci sediamo (4) sit (down)    
verbo sembrare to seem, to look like    
verbo sembra (3) seems, (32) looks, looks like; (25) feel like    
verbo sembrano (6) look, seem, look alike, feel like, smell like    
verbo sorridi (25) smile, appeal    
verbo sorride (3) smiles, (32) appeals; (25) appeal, smile    
verbo spinge (3) pushes, (32) urges, incites, carries    
verbo spingiamo (4) push, we drive, we wheel    
verbo spingersi to push oneself; to dare, to venture    
verbo mi spingo (1) push, drive, wheel    
verbo sposta (25) move; (32) moves, diverts, changes    
verbo spostiamo (4) move, change, change around    
verbo spostano (6) move, they change around    
verbo suono (1) play, sound, sound like, put on, ring    
verbo suona (3) plays, (32) sounds, rings, beats    
verbo suoniamo (4) play, we put on, we ring, we beat, we go off    
verbo suonate (25) play, put on, ring    
verbo suppongo (1) suppose, assume, presume; asume    
verbo supponiamo (4) assume, suppose, presume    
verbo svuotare to empty    
verbo svuoto (1) empty, drain, deprive, scoop out    
verbo svuoti (25) empty, drain, scoop out; clear    
verbo svuotano (6) empty, scoop out, deprive, drain    
verbo viaggio (1) travel; trip, journey, run, tour, voyage    
verbo viaggia (3) travels; (25) travel    
verbo viaggiamo (4) travel    
verbo viaggiate (25) travel    
verbo viaggiano (6) travel    
verbo visita (25) visit; visits; official visit; (32) examines    
verbo visitiamo (4) visit, we tour, we inspect, we examine    
verbo volo flight; (1) fly, zoom, blow around, fall    
verbo volano (6) fly, fly away/off, blow around    
u: 30 Verbs: Present Perfect
sost persone persons, people p f    
verbo andato gone    
verbo aperto opened    
verbo arrivato arrived    
verbo aspettato waited for    
verbo avuto had    
verbo bevuto drunk    
verbo bevute drunk    
verbo cambiato changed    
verbo cambiata changed    
verbo capito understood    
verbo chiamato called    
verbo chiamata called    
verbo chiesto asked    
verbo cominciare to start, to begin    
verbo cominciato started    
verbo cominciata started    
verbo conosciuto known    
verbo conosciuta known    
verbo creduto believed; (32) believed, w/w thinking    
verbo dato given    
verbo data given    
verbo deciso decided    
verbo dimostrato demonstrated    
verbo detto said    
verbo detta said    
verbo diventato become    
verbo diventati become    
verbo entrato entered    
verbo entrata entered    
verbo entrati entered    
verbo esprimere to express, to state, to convey    
verbo espresso expressed    
verbo fatto done    
verbo fermato stopped    
verbo finito finished    
verbo finita finished    
verbo guardato seen    
verbo incontrato met    
verbo incontrati met    
verbo iniziato started, initiated, begun    
verbo iniziata started, initiated, begun    
verbo insistere to persist, to persever, to insist, to demand    
verbo insistito insisted    
verbo lasciato left    
verbo lavorato worked    
verbo letto read    
verbo mangiato eaten    
verbo messo put    
verbo messi put    
verbo morto died    
verbo morta died    
verbo pagato paid    
verbo pagata paid    
verbo parlato spoken    
verbo passato passed    
verbo passati passed    
verbo passate passed    
verbo pensato thought    
verbo pensata thought    
verbo perso lost    
(!) perduto
verbo permettere to allow, to permit, to authorize    
verbo permesso permitted    
verbo piaciuto liked    
verbo piaciuta liked    
verbo piovuto rained    
verbo portato taken    
verbo potuto could    
verbo preso taken, grabbed, picked up    
verbo produrre to produce, to yield, to fabricate    
verbo prodotto produced    
verbo ricevuto received    
verbo riconoscere to recognice, to identify, to discern    
verbo riconosciuto recognized    
verbo ricordato rememberd    
verbo rimasto remained    
verbo rimasti remained    
verbo saputo known    
verbo scritto written    
verbo seguito followed    
verbo sentito felt    
verbo suonato played    
verbo tenuto kept    
verbo tentare to attempt, to try, to experiment    
verbo tentato tried    
verbo trovato found    
verbo usato used    
verbo visto seen    
(!) veduto
verbo venuto come    
verbo venuta come    
verbo vincere to win, to defeat, to prevail    
verbo vinto won    
verbo vissuto lived    
verbo voluto wanted    
u: 31 Adjectives 2
agg antico antique, ancient, classical, old, past s m    
agg antica ancient, old, ancients, antiquarian, antique s f    
agg antichi ancient, antique, ancients, antiquarian, bygone p m    
agg antiche ancient, antique, ancients, antiquarian, bygone p f    
agg attento careful, alert, attentive, caring, close, open-eyed s m    
agg attenta careful, alert, attentive, caring, close, open-eyed s f    
agg attenti cautious, careful, attentive, attention, beware p m    
agg avanzato advanced, entered, put forward s m    
agg avanzata progress, advance s f    
agg cattivo bad, bad person, mean, i gain, i win, evil, foul s m    
agg cattiva bad, bad person, evil, (3) gains, wins s f    
agg cattivi bad, malevolent, mean p m    
agg commerciale commercial, trade s b 2  
agg commerciali commercial p b 2  
agg culturale cultural s b 2  
agg culturali cultural p b 2  
agg definitiva final, definitive, permanent s f    
agg definitivi final, definitive, permanent p m    
agg differente different s b 2  
agg differenti different, defer, delay p b 2  
agg divertente fun, amusing, enjoyable, entertaining s b 2  
agg dolci desserts, sweets, candy, cake, dessert, gentle p b 2  
agg efficace effective, efficacious, strong, stronger s b 2  
agg efficaci good, effective, efficacious, forceful, neat p b 2  
agg efficienti efficient p b 2  
agg familiare familiar, member of a family, confidential, domestic help s b 2  
agg familiari familiars, members of a family p b 2  
agg finale final, final clause, last, closing, crowning, denouement s b 2  
agg fisica physics, physical, figure, physicist s f    
agg fisici physical, figures, physicists p m    
agg fondamentale fundamental, essential, basic, critical, crucial s b 2  
agg fresco fresh, cool, hot s m    
agg fresca fresh, cool, coolness, crisp, fresco, hot s f    
agg futura future s f    
agg generale general, in general, broad-based, full-scale s b 2  
agg globale global, blankets, overall, total s b 2  
agg globali global, blankets, overall, total p b 2  
agg grave serious, grave, acute, bass, body, deep, grievous s b 2  
agg indipendente independent, freelance, self-employed s b 2  
agg indipendenti independent, freelance, self-employed p b 2  
agg industriale industrial, commercial, industrialist, manufacturer s b 2  
agg legale legal, legal consultant, advisor, attorney s b 2  
agg legali legal, judicial, prescribed by law p b 2  
agg leggero light(weight), thin, mild, delicate, faint, fickle s m    
agg leggera light(weight), lightweight, thin s f    
agg leggere read, to read, to interpret, to see into, light, lightweight p f    
agg locale local (anaesthetic), business, club, haunt, joint s b 2  
agg migliore best, better s b 2  
agg migliori you better, you get better, you mend one’s ways p b 2  
agg naturale natural, in brine, natives s b 2  
agg naturali natural, in brine, natives p b 2  
agg necessario necessary, what is necessary, what is needed s m    
agg necessari necessary, essentials, what is needed p m    
agg negativo negative, adverse s m    
agg negativa negative s f    
agg negative negative, adverse p f    
agg numerosa large s f    
agg numerose numerous, large p f    
agg originale original, authentic, different, genuine s b 2  
agg originali original, authentic, genuine p b 2  
agg particolare particular, in particular, special, keen, peculiar s b 2  
agg particolari peculiar, details, particular p b 2  
agg personale personal, staff, private, individual, special s b 2  
agg personali personal, individual, private p b 2  
agg positivo positive, constructive, empirical, favorable, good s m    
agg positiva positive s f    
agg positive positive, constructive, empirical, favorable, good p f    
agg povera poor s f    
agg poveri poor, poor people, poor man, barren, late, pauper p m    
agg principale main, basic, boss, central, chief, head, primary s b 2  
agg professionale professional, occupational, professionals, vocational s b 2  
agg professionali professional, occupational, professionals, vocational p b 2  
agg profondo deep, deep down, lavish, deeply, earnest, low s m    
agg profonda deep, lavish s f    
agg provinciale provincial, insular, small-town s b 2  
agg pubblica public, hsi produces, hsi prints, hsi advertises s f    
agg puro pure, absolute, fine, straight s m    
agg pura pure s f    
agg recente recent s b 2  
agg recenti recent p b 2  
agg regionale regional, local s b 2  
agg regionali regional, local p b 2  
agg responsabile responsible, person responsible, person in charge, accountable s b 2  
agg responsabili responsible, person responsible, guilty p b 2  
agg scorso last, flicked through, gone through, scanned s m    
agg scorsa last, browse, glance, look s f    
agg seguente following, the following one, the next one, next s b 2  
agg seguenti following, the following one, next p b 2  
agg num-molt 1 semplice simple, simple person, easy, plain, single, straightforward s b 2  
agg num-molt 1 semplici easy, simple, single p b 2  
agg simile similar, such, alike, kindred, like s b 2  
agg simili similar, alike, fellow creature, kindred, such p b 2  
agg statale state, state school, highway, a road, civil servant s b 2  
agg statali state, state school, government employee, a road p b 2  
agg storico historic, historical, historian s m    
agg storica historian (profession), historic, historial s f    
agg storiche historics, historicals, historians p f    
agg superiore top, upper, bigger, higher, longer s b 2  
agg superiori superior, higher studies prec. univ., bigger, higher, longer, senior, top, upper p b 2  
agg tradizionale traditional, conservative, conventional, mainstream, usual s b 2  
agg tradizionali traditionals, conservatives, conventionals, mainstream, usual p b 2  
agg veloce fast, quick, faster, rapid s b 2  
agg vicino close, near (at hand), close to, by, close by, closed s m    
agg vicina neighbor, close, near s f    
agg vicini neighbors, close, close to, close by, near (at hand) p m    
espr per di più besides    
u: 32 Verbs: Infinitive 1
agg pronti ready, ready made p m    
agg dimostrativo identificativo stessi same, own p m    
verbo aggiungere to add, join, put, puts    
verbo aiutare to help, to help each other, to aid, to assist    
verbo amare to love, to love oneself, to make love, to be fond of    
verbo andare gone, to go, went    
verbo aprire to open (out), to fold back, to open up, began    
verbo arrivare to arrive, to come, get, to be successfull, arrived    
verbo aspettare to wait for, to await, to be waiting for, await    
verbo avere have, to have, assets, came, credit, having, hit    
verbo bere to drink (in), to swallow, to booze, to buy    
verbo cambiare change, to change, alter, to exchange, to replace    
verbo capire to understand, to comprehend, to realice    
verbo chiamare to call, calling, to ring, to phone, called, get    
verbo chiedere ask, to ask, ask for, ask oneself, request, demand    
verbo chiudere to close, to end, to fence, to box in    
verbo conoscere to know, to meet, offered    
verbo correre to run    
verbo costruire to build, to construct, to assemble, to shape    
verbo credere believe, to believe, to think, to suppose    
verbo decidere to decide, to decide on, to settle, to choose    
verbo dimostrare to demonstrate, to prove, to establish, to display    
verbo dire said, to say    
verbo diventare become, to become, to go, to be made, to grow    
verbo entrare enter, to enter, to come in, to go in    
verbo essere to be, have, being, came, creature, existence, feel    
verbo fare doing, left, making, put, to do, to make, to study    
verbo finire to finish, to end, to do, to cease, to come to    
verbo giocare to bet, to gamble, to risk, to stake, to play    
verbo guardare look to, to look to, to keep watch on, to look after    
verbo guidare to drive, to take, to lead, to behave, to carry out    
verbo indicare show, to point, to indicate, points, states    
verbo lasciare to leave (behind), to let, to forget, to drop    
verbo leggere to read, light, lightweight    
verbo mancare to miss, to fail, to die, to left, to omit    
verbo mangiare to eat, eating, eat, food    
verbo mettere to put in, place, to put on, to put up, to wear    
verbo morire to die (away), to fade (out), died    
verbo noleggiare to rent, to rent out, book, hire    
verbo offrire to offer, to bid, to present, to proffer, to provide    
verbo parlare to speak, to talk, to address, to tell, to mention    
verbo passare spend, to spend, go, to be over, to be promoted    
verbo pensare to think, to believe, believed, imagine, thinks    
verbo perdere to lose, go, to be lost, to forfeit, to get lost, lo leak    
verbo piacere pleasure, pleased to meet you    
verbo portare to bring, to take, to wear, to carry, to deliver    
verbo prendere to take, to get, to assume, to bring, to catch    
verbo ricevere to receive, to draw, to accept, to catch, to get    
verbo ricordare to remember, to mention, to remind    
verbo rimanere to remain, to stay, to be left    
verbo ripetere to repeat    
verbo rispondere to answer, to respond, to answer back, reply    
verbo sapere know, to know, to learn, to hear, to smell    
verbo scegliere to choose, to elect, to pick, to draft, to select    
verbo scrivere write, to write, to spell    
verbo seguire follow up, to accompany, to act on, to be on    
verbo sentire to hear, to feel, to know    
(es) oír, sentir
verbo stare to stay, to be, to fit, fits, kept, lies, stayed, was    
verbo succedere to happen, happened, to occur, to follow (one another)    
verbo suonare to play (an instrument), playing, to go off, to ring    
verbo svegliare to wake up, to liven up, to awaken, to arouse    
verbo tenere to keep, to restrain, to be held, to carry, to give    
verbo tirare to throw, to pull, to back down, to be tight, to bear up    
verbo trovare to find, to be, to encounter, to feel, to meet    
verbo unire to unite, to combine, to link, to amalgamate, to bind    
verbo usare to use, to be used to, to be in the habit of, to exercise    
verbo vedere see, to see, to look over, to show off, to consult    
verbo venire to come    
verbo vivere living, to live, to experience, to go through    
u: 33 Pronouns
agg ricchi rich, wealthy p m    
pron indeterm. pluralità alcuno any, a few, anybody, no, nobody, none, some s m    
(es) alguno
pron indeterm. pluralità alcuna any, a few, anybody, no, nobody, none, some s f    
(es) alguna
pron indeterm. pluralità alcuni some, a few, certain, any, anybody, no, nobody p m    
(es) algunos
pron indeterm. pluralità alcune some, a few, no p f    
(es) algunas
pron indeterm. quantità altro other s m    
(es) otro, algún otro
pron indeterm. quantità altra other s f    
(es) otra, alguna otra
pron indeterm. quantità altri other p m    
(es) otros, algunos otros
pron indeterm. quantità altre others, more, other p f    
(es) otras, algunas otras
pron relativo che that, what, which b b    
(es) que
(!) alternative to all forms of the variable pronoun "il quale"
pron relativo cui which, whose, whom, inasmuch as, insofar as b b    
(es) a quien, al cual, cuyo
(!) oblique form of the pronoun "che"
pron indeterm. unità chiunque for persons: anybody, anybody who, anyone s b i  
(es) quienquiera, cualquiera, todos los que, sea quien sea
(!) it is always followed by the subjunctive (chiunque tu voglia invitare… / chiunque frequenti quella scuola...)
pron dimostrativo ciò that, this, it, those // ciò che: what  s    
(es) esto, eso, aquello / ciò che (lo que), ciò nonostante (sin embargo), con tutto ciò (con todo)
pron entrambi both p m u  
(es) ambos, los dos
pron entrambe both p f u  
(es) ambas, las dos
pron indeterm. quantità molti many, a lot of p m    
(es) muchos
pron indeterm. unità neg. nessuno nobody, anybody, none, any, anyone, either s m    
(es) ninguno, nadie
(!) se segue il verbo deve essere sempre accompagnato dalla negazione "non" (nessuno mi ha visto, non mi ha visto nessuno)
pron indeterm. unità neg. nessuna any, no, no one, anybody, anyone, either, neither s f    
(es) ninguna, nadie
(!) se segue il verbo deve essere sempre accompagnato dalla negazione "non" (nessuna mi ha visto, non mi ha visto nessuna)
pron indeterm. unità neg. niente for things: anything, nothing, no, any, nothingness s b u  
(es) nada
(!) (vedere "niente" come avverbio) // locuzione: "non per niente" // al maschile a al singolare, e significa "nessuna cosa" // it must have the negation before the verb (non c’è niente --nessuna cosa-- da fare) // "niente" ha la funzione di sostantivo quando è preceduto da un articolo o da una preposizione articolata
pron indeterm. unità neg. nulla for things: anything, nothing, nothingness s b u  
(es) nada, insignificancia, vacío
(!) (vedere "nulla" come avverbio) // it must have the negation before the verb (non c’è nulla --nessuna cosa-- da fare) // "nulla" ha la funzione di sostantivo quando è preceduto da un articolo o da una preposizione articolata
pron indeterm. ognuno each, everybody, everyone, each one s m    
(es) cada uno / ognuno tutti (todos)
pron indeterm. ognuna each, each one, everybody, everyone s f    
(es) cada una
pron indeterm. unità qualcos’ something, something else, anything else, anything s b u  
pron indeterm. unità qualcosa something, anything s b u  
(es) algo, alguna cosa, cerca de, alrededor de
pron indeterm. unità qualcuno somebody, someone, somebody else, some s m    
(es) alguien, alguno, algún
pron indeterm. unità qualcuna somebody, somebody else, some, a few, any s f    
(es) alguien, alguna
pron interr./escl. quale which, which (one), what, such as s b    
(es) cuál
pron interr./escl. quali which, what, which (ones), as, exactly the same p b    
(es) cuáles
pron relativo quali, art. det. _ which, what, which (ones), as, exactly the same p b    
(es) los cuales, los que
pron indeterm. unità qualsiasi any, just any, anything, common, ordinary s b    
(es) cualquiera
pron dimostrativo quello what, that (one), those (ones) s m    
(es) eso, aquello
pron dimostrativo quella that, that (one), what, those, those (ones) s f    
(es) esa, aquella
pron dimostrativo quelli those, those (ones), ones, that (one), what p m    
(es) esos, aquellos
pron dimostrativo quelle those, those (ones), that (one), what p f    
(es) esas, aquellas
pron dimostrativo questo this s m    
(es) esto
pron dimostrativo questa this s f    
(es) esta
pron dimostrativo questi these (ones), this, this (one) p m    
(es) estos
pron dimostrativo queste these (ones), this, this (one) p f    
(es) estas
pron indeterm. quantità tutto everything, all, whole, altogether, any s m    
(es) todos
pron indeterm. quantità tutta all, whole, altogether, any, anything s f    
(es) toda
pron indeterm. quantità tutti all, everybody, everyone, any, each, every p m    
(es) todos
pron indeterm. quantità tutte all, every, altogether, any, anything, each one p f    
(es) todas
pron indeterm. uno one, a, an s m    
u: 34 Formal you
interz salve hello    
verbo pregare to beg, to plead, to implore, to ask, to request, to pray    
verbo prego please; (25) are welcome, do not mention it    
verbo preghiamo (4) ask, we beg, we request    
u: 35 Verbs: Imperative
verbo vai (25) go    
verbo andiamo (4) go    
verbo andate (25) go; went, gone    
verbo apri (25) open (out), break, clear (up)    
verbo aprite open    
verbo arriva (25) arrive, come, are successful    
verbo arrivate (25) arrive, come    
verbo aspetta (25) wait for    
verbo chiama (25) call    
verbo chiamiamoci (let us) call each other    
verbo chiamiamoci (let us) call ourselves    
verbo chiedi (25) ask for    
verbo chieda (25) (formal) ask for    
verbo chiedete (25) ask for    
verbo dammi give me    
verbo dimmi tell me    
verbo diciamo (4) say    
verbo dite (25) say, tell, tell oneself; said, tell, told    
verbo entra (25) come in, enter, go in    
verbo entrate enter    
verbo faccia (25) (formal) make/do    
verbo fate (25) make/do    
verbo finite finished    
verbo guarda (25) look at, look    
verbo imparate learn    
verbo lascia (25) let, allow, give up, leave (behind)    
verbo lasciate (25) leave (behind), drop, let go of; let    
verbo lavora (25) work    
verbo lavorate (25) work    
verbo metti (25) put on    
verbo parla (25) talk, speak    
verbo parlate (5) talk, speak    
verbo passa (25) pass    
verbo passi (25) (pass), pass off    
verbo passiamola let’s pass it, let’s pass her    
verbo pensiamoci (let us) think about it    
verbo pensarsi to turn the thought on each other    
verbo pensiamoci (let us) think about each other    
verbo porta (25) carry, take    
verbo prendi (25) take, capture, catch, get, grab, grasp    
verbo prendete (5) take, capture, catch, get, grab, grasp    
verbo ricorda (25) remember    
verbo ricordate (25) remember, remind, mention    
verbo rimani (25) stay, remain, are left    
verbo rimanete (25) remain    
verbo sappi (25) know    
verbo segui (25) follow    
verbo seguite (25) follow    
verbo senti (25) feel, hear, feel like, smell, taste    
verbo stai (25) are (feeling), feel    
verbo tieni (25) keep    
verbo teniamo (4) keep    
verbo trova (25) find    
verbo trovate (25) find, find oneself    
verbo usi (25) (formal) use    
verbo usate (25) use    
verbo venga (25) (formal) come    
verbo vivi (25) live    
verbo viva (3) live    
(!) ?
verbo vivete live    
verbo vivano (6) live    
u: 36 Education
agg fondamentali fundamental, essential, basic, critical, crucial p b 2  
agg indefiniti quantità poche few, a few, little, not many p f    
agg principali main, basic, boss, central, chief, head, primary p b 2  
agg vere true p f    
sost alunni students, pupils p m   v
sost alunne students, pupils p f   v
sost aula classroom, courtroom, class, lecture hall s f    
sost biblioteca library s f    
sost capitolo chapter; (1) capitulate, surrender; item, section s m    
sost capitoli chapters; (2) capitulate, surrender p m    
sost carta paper, card, map s f    
sost classe class, classroom s f    
sost classi classes, classrooms p f    
sost compagni partners p m    
sost compito task, assignment; (1) spell (out); brief, courteous s m    
sost compiti homework, assignments; (2) spell (out) p m    
sost concetto concept, executive, idea, managerial, notion s m    
sost corso class, course (book), in the course of, avenue s m    
sost descrizione description s f    
sost dipartimento department, bureau, departments, district s m    
sost dipartimenti depatments, bureau, department, district, service p m    
sost diploma diploma s m    
sost dizionario dictionary s m    
sost dizionari dictionaries p m    
sost educazione education, (good) breeding, maners; formation s f    
sost errore mistake, error s m    
sost errori errors, mistakes, error, mistake p m    
sost esame exam, check, check-up, examination, inspection s m    
sost esami examinations, tests, exams p m    
sost esempio example, for example, warning s m    
sost esempi examples, specimen, warning p m    
sost esercizio exercise, practice, business, company, discharge s m    
sost esercizi exercises, business, businesses, company p m    
sost frase sentence, phrase, expression, phrases s f    
sost insegnante teacher, school {teacher, master, mistress} s b   i
sost insegnanti teachers p b   i
sost istituzione institution, authorities, establishment, foundation s f    
sost istruzioni instructions, education, schooling p f    
sost laurea degree, graduation, university degree s f    
sost lezione lesson, class, lecture s f    
sost lezioni lessons, classes, lectures p f    
sost liceo high school s m    
sost licei high schools p m    
sost lingua language, tongue, modern languages s f    
sost lingue languages, tongues p f    
sost livello (1) level, level off, level out s m    
sost livelli levels; (2) level off, level out p m    
sost matita pencil s f    
sost pagella report card, (school) report s f    
sost pagina page, face s f    
sost pagine pages, face, page p f    
sost paragrafo paragraph, section, section mark s m    
sost paragrafi (2) paragraph p m    
sost parola word, said, speech, words s f    
sost parole words, word p f    
sost penna pen, feather s f    
sost penne pens p f    
sost principiante beginner, inexperienced, inexpert s m    
sost principianti beginners, beginner, commence, first-timer, novice p m    
sost professore professor s m   v
sost professoressa professor s f   v
sost progetto project; (1) plan, work out s m    
sost progetti plans; (2) style, plan, design, work out p m    
sost prova (2) test; (3) tries on, tries (out), demonstrates s f    
sost regole rules; (3) behaves, limits, adjusts, controls p f    
sost scuola school s f    
sost scuole schools p f    
sost semestre semester, term, half-year s m    
sost spiegazione explanation s f    
sost storia history, story, affair, tale s f    
sost storie stories, affair, fib, fuss, history, story, tale p f    
sost studente student s m   v
sost studenti students, pupil, scholars p m   v
sost studentessa students p f   v
sost tesi thesis; (1) stretched; (2) stretch b f i  
sost testo text; (1) test, benchmark, make one’s will, trial s m   f
sost titolo (1) title, headline, titrate; deed, epithet, fineness s m    
sost università university, college, colleges, universities b f i  
sost voti grades, votes; (2) dedicate, devote, pass p m    
verbo lette read    
verbo studiare to study    
u: 37 Travel
agg americano american, in the american style s m    
agg americana american s f    
agg americani americans p m    
agg americane americans p f    
agg argentino argentinian s m    
agg argentina argentinian s f    
agg argentini argentines, argentinians p m    
agg brasiliano brazilian s m    
agg brasiliani brazilians p m    
agg bravi good, brave, bravo, capable, clever, expert, fine p m 9  
agg buoni good, good person, good thing, i owe you one p m 9  
agg cinese chinese (relative to china) s b 2  
agg cinesi chinese p b 2  
agg colorate colored p f    
agg indefiniti quantità diverso different, diverse, dropout, many (people), outsider s m    
agg europeo european s m    
agg europea european s f    
agg facili easy, easily, easygoing p b 2  
agg francese french s b 2  
agg francesi french, french people, french-speaking p b 2  
agg inglese english, british s b 2  
agg inglesi english p b 2  
agg italiano italian s m    
agg italiana italian s f    
agg lungo long, along s m    
agg pieni full, busy, complete p m    
agg portoghese portuguese, fare dodger, gatecrasher, ligger s b 2  
agg portoghesi portuguese, gatecrasher, ligger p b 2  
agg pronte ready, ready made p f    
agg spagnolo spanish, spaniard s m    
agg spagnoli spanish, spaniards p m    
agg tedesco german s m    
agg tedesca german s f    
agg tedesche germans p f    
sost aereo airplane, aerial s m    
sost aeroplano airplane s m    
sost aeroplani airplanes, aircraft, airplane p m    
sost aeroporto airport s m    
sost proprio africa africa f u  
sost proprio america america f u  
sost architetti architects p m    
sost proprio asia asia f u  
sost autobus bus, buses b m    
sost avventura adventure, (3) ventures, (2) venture s f    
sost avventure adventures p f    
sost barca boat, mow, shock, stack s f    
sost biglietto note, (admission) ticket, lottery ticket, card, fare s m    
sost biglietti tickets, notes p m    
sost proprio brasile brazil m u  
sost campeggio camping, campground, campsite, (1) camp s m    
sost campeggi campgrounds, campsites, (2) camp, dominate p m    
sost proprio cina china f u  
sost cinese chinese (language, citizen, resident) s m    
sost continente continent, mainland, temperate s m    
sost conto check, (1) count; account, (1) matter; amount, bill s m    
sost destinazione destination, assignment, posting s f    
sost estero abroad, foreign, overseas s m    
sost proprio europa europe f u  
sost francesi french, french people, french-speaking p m    
sost proprio francia france f u  
sost proprio germania germany f u  
sost guida guide, drive, (2) drive, (3) drives, guides s f    
sost proprio inghilterra england f u  
sost proprio londra london f u  
sost inglese english, british s m    
sost isola island, (3) isolates, (2) isolate s f    
sost isole islands, isles, (3) insulates, isolates p f    
sost istituzioni institutions, authorities, establishment p f    
sost proprio italia italy f u  
sost proprio sicilia sicilia f u  
sost italiano italian s m   v
sost italiana italian s f   v
sost italiani italians p m   v
sost italiane italians p f   v
sost luogo places, in place of, instead of s m    
sost luoghi places, in place of, instead of p m    
sost motocicletta motorcycle, motorbike s f    
sost pagelle report cards p f    
sost passaporto passport s m    
sost passeggeri passengers, fleeting, momentary, passenger p m    
sost pilota pilot, driver, drive, (2) pilot, (3) flies, pilots s m    
sost prenotazione reservation, booking s f    
sost pullman bus, coach, pullman b m i  
sost proprio spagna spain f u  
sost spagnolo spanish, spaniard s m   v
sost spagnoli spanish, spaniards p m   v
sost straniero foreigner, foreign s m   v
sost straniera foreigner, foreign s f   v
sost stranieri foreigners, foreign, foreigner p m   v
sost tedesco german s m   v
sost tedeschi germans, german, german people p m   v
sost traffico traffic, coming and going, (1) traffic s m    
sost trasporti transports, carry, drive, (2) carry, transport p m    
sost treno train, carriage, quarters, set, trains s m    
sost treni trains, carriage, train p m    
sost turismo tourism, touring, tourist trade s m    
sost turista tourist, sightseer, tourists s b   i
sost turisti tourists p m    
sost vacanza vacation, holiday s f    
sost vacanze vacations, holiday, broke, broken, vacation p f    
sost valigia suitcase, bag, case s f    
sost valigie suitcases, bags, cases p f    
sost viaggio trip, journey, run, tour, voyage, (1) travel s m    
sost viaggi trips, journeys, (2) travel p m    
sost visita visits, official visit, (2) visit, (3) examines s f    
sost visite visits, (3) visits, goes round, (2) visit p f    
sost vista seen, view, saw, aspects, exposed, eyesight, (2) stamp s f   f
sost volo flight, (1) fly, zoom, blow around, fall s m    
sost voli flights, (2) fly, zoom, rush p m    
verbo costano (6) cost    
verbo faccio (1) do, make, act as, am, have, study; follow    
verbo guardo (1) look    
verbo puoi (25) can, are able to, are allowed to    
verbo rimanga remain, be left, remains, stay    
u: 38 Directions
agg interiore interior, inner, inside s m 2  
(!) plural = interiora
agg lontano far, far from, far away, away, distant, far off s m    
agg lontana far, far away, away, far from, far off s f    
agg positivi positive, constructive, empirical, favorable, good p m    
avv attraverso across, crosswise, diagonally    
avv luogo avanti ahead, forward, in front of    
avv luogo dietro behind, back, rear    
avv luogo giù down, downward, below    
avv luogo vicino near, close, nearby, close by    
prep davanti in front of, opposite    
(!) davanti a
prep dentro inside, in, intro    
sost cappotti coats p m    
sost cima (2) top; peak; (3) tops, clips, pinches out s f    
sost destra right s f    
sost direzione direction, way, (senior) management, editing s f    
sost distanza distance, difference, gap s f    
sost est east, eastern, eastern Europe s m u  
sost fermata stop (over), halt, stop, stopped s f    
sost fine end, extremity, ending s f    
sost fondo bottom (end); (1) found (establish); fund (deposit) s m    
sost fronte front, opposite, brow, facade, forehead s m    
sost proprio giappone japan f u  
sost ingresso entry, admission, entrance s m    
sost ingressi entries, admissions, entrances p m    
sost inizio beginning; (1) start, begin, break off, initiate s m    
sost inizi beginnings; (2) start, begin, strike up p m    
sost lato side, on(to) one’s side, point of view, broad s m    
sost lati aspects, aspect, side p m    
sost mezzo half, middle, in the middle of, ability, among s m    
sost mezzi means, by means of, half, halves, middle p m    
sost nord north, the north of italy, northern, northern italy s m u  
sost ovest west, western s m u  
sost parte side, direction, goes, leaves, role, share s f    
sost posizione position, (bank) balance, attitude, lies, line s f    
sost posizioni positions p f    
sost sinistra left, ports s f    
sost sud south, the south of italy, southern, southern italy s m u  
sost uscita exit, way out, (cash) outflow, ending, expenditure s f    
sost uscite (2) go out, leave p f    
u: 39 Verbs: Past Imperfect
agg chiaro clear s m    
agg tedeschi germans p m    
sost case houses p f    
sost nipoti nices/nephews, grandchildren p b   i
sost villaggi villages p m    
verbo andava went, (32) w/w going (on)    
verbo andavamo (4) were going, went, came down, decreased    
verbo aprivo (1) w/w opening (out), began, called, opened    
verbo apriva (32) w/w opening (out), opened, used to open    
verbo aprivano (6) were opening (out), opening up, began    
verbo arrivava used to come, (32) w/w arriving, used to arrive    
verbo aspettavo (1) w/w expecting, awaiting, waiting, awaited    
verbo aspettavamo    
verbo aspettarsi to expect with fear or hope    
verbo mi aspettavo (1) w/w expecting, awaiting, waiting, awaited    
verbo cambiava (32) w/w changing, used to change, changed    
verbo capivo understood; (1) understood, comprehended, realized    
verbo capiva understood; (32) understood, comprehended, realized    
verbo chiamava (32) used to call, w/w calling    
verbo chiedeva used to ask; (32) w/w asking (for)    
verbo conosceva knew; (32) knew, knew of, experienced, met    
verbo costruiva (32) w/w building; used to build, built; made    
verbo credeva (32) believed, w/w thinking    
verbo credevamo (4) believed    
verbo diamo (4) give    
verbo dava (32) w/w giving (oneself), used to give, bore    
verbo davamo (4) would give, used to give, gave, were giving    
verbo decideva (32) used to decide, w/w deciding    
verbo dicevo (1) w/w telling (oneself), saying, said, told    
verbo dicevi (2) were saying, said, used to say    
verbo diceva (32) w/w saying (to oneself), telling, said    
verbo dicevano (6) were saying, said, used to say    
verbo diventava became; (32) w/w becoming, became, got    
verbo entrava (32) w/w coming in, entering, went in    
verbo entravano (6) were entering, used to go in, went in    
verbo ero (1) was, used to be, was being; felt    
verbo era was; (32) w/w, used to be; age, era, felt, were    
verbo erano were; (6) were, were being, used to be; felt, was    
verbo facevi (2) were doing (drugs), were forming, acted as, did    
verbo faceva (32) w/w doing, studying, making    
verbo facevano (6) used to do, used to last, used to form    
verbo finiva (3) would end up, (32) used to come to an end    
verbo finivamo (4) finished (off), used to finish; stopped    
verbo giocava (32) w/w playing, w/w gambling, betted    
verbo giocavamo played; (4) played, were playing, used to play    
verbo giocavano (6) were playing, played, used to play    
verbo guardava (32) w/w watching, looking    
verbo indicava (32) w/w indicating, pointing, telling    
verbo lasciavo (1) w/w leaving, let go of; allowed, left, let    
verbo lasciava let; (32) w/w letting go of, used to let go of    
verbo lasciavano left; (6) left (behind)    
verbo lavorava (32) w/w working, used to work, worked    
verbo lavoravano (6) used to work, were working    
verbo leggevo (1) w/w reading, w/w interpreting, interpreted    
verbo leggeva read; (32) read, used to read, w/w reading    
verbo leggevano (6) were reading, interpreting, seeing into    
verbo mettevo (1) w/w putting on    
verbo metteva (32) w/w putting (in); kept, put    
verbo moriva (32) w/w dying (away), fading (out)    
verbo morivano (6) used to die (away), were dying (away)    
verbo offriva (32) w/w offering (itself), w/w presenting, bade/bid    
verbo offrivano (6) used to offer, offered, were offering    
verbo parlava (32) w/w talking, used to talk    
verbo parlavano (6) were speaking, spoke, used to speak; talked    
verbo passava passing; (32) w/w passing    
verbo pensavo (1) thought, believed, w/w thinking    
verbo pensavi (2) were thinking, thought, used to think; thought    
verbo pensava (32) w/w thinking, believing    
verbo perdevamo (4) were losing (one’s way), lost    
verbo perdevano (6) were losing, lost    
verbo piaceva liked (3)    
verbo portava would take; (32) w/w taking, bringing    
verbo portavano (6) used to take, were taking, used to wear    
verbo potete (2) can, are able to, are allowed to    
verbo poteva (3) could, w/w able to    
verbo potevano (6) were being able to    
verbo prendeva (32) used to charge, used to take    
verbo provavo (1) w/w trying (out), trying on, used to feel    
verbo provava (32) w/w feeling, establishing, sampling, demostrated    
verbo provavamo (4) used to try, were trying (out)    
verbo ricordavo (1) remembered, reminded, mentioned    
verbo ricordava remembered; (32) remembered    
verbo rimaneva (32) w/w left, remaining, used to say    
verbo rimanevano (6) were remaining, staying; remained    
verbo rispondeva (32) w/w answering, would answer    
verbo sapevo know; (1) knew; knew    
verbo sapeva knew, know, knew how to    
verbo scriveva (3) wrote    
verbo seguiva (32) w/w following (up), followed    
verbo seguivamo (4) were following (up)    
verbo seguivano (6) were following (up)    
verbo sentivo (1) w/w feeling, felt, feeling like    
verbo sentivi (25) used to feel    
verbo si sentiva felt; (32) felt    
verbo ci sentivamo felt; (4) felt, felt like    
verbo stavo was; (1) was    
verbo stavi were; (2) were (doing), used to be; stayed    
verbo stava was; (32) w/w, w/w being, used to be; stayed    
verbo succedeva (32) used to happen    
verbo suonavi (2) played, used to play, were playing    
verbo suonava (32) w/w playing, striking, sounding    
verbo suonavano (6) played, used to play, were playing    
verbo tenevo (1) kept, w/w holding    
verbo teneva (32) w/w holding, keeping    
verbo tenevano (6) were keeping, held    
verbo trovava (32) used to find, encounter    
verbo trovavamo (4) found, were finding, used to find    
verbo trovavano (6) used to find, found, were finding    
verbo usava (32) w/w using, exercising; used    
verbo usavamo (4) were using, used, used to use    
verbo usa (3) uses, (2) use, (3) is in the habit of    
verbo vedevo (1) used to see, meet, saw    
verbo vedevamo (4) used to see, try, meet    
verbo venivo (1) was coming, came    
verbo venivi (25) were coming, coming away    
verbo veniva (32) w/w coming, arrived, came, w/w yet to come    
verbo venivano (6) used to come, used to be, used to get    
verbo viveva (32) w/w living, lived, used to live    
verbo vivevamo (4) lived, were living, used to live    
verbo volete (5) want, take, are needed, are required    
verbo volevo (1) wanted, used to want, meant, needed    
verbo voleva (32) wanted, used to want    
verbo volevano (6) wanted, used to want, took    
u: 40 Feelings
agg arrabbiato angry, got/gotten angy, caught rabies s m    
agg arrabbiata angry s f    
agg arrabbiati angry p m    
agg contenta happy; (2) content, (3) contents; glad s f    
agg contenti glad, happy p m    
agg coraggioso brave, valiant, courageous s m    
agg felice happy, good s b 2  
agg felici happy, Felix, apt, good, successful p b 2  
agg imbarazzata embarrased, be embarrased, been embarrased s f    
agg nervoso nervous, edgy, tense s m    
agg nervosa nervous, edgy, tense s f    
agg nervosi nervous, edgy, tense p m    
agg nervose nervous, edgy, tense p f    
agg seria serious s f    
agg sorpresa surprise, amazement, astonishment s f    
agg stanco tired; (1) get tired, grow tired, strain s m    
agg indefiniti quantità tanti many, a lot, a lot of, as much, at most, just as well p m    
agg tranquillo calm, clear, easier, easy, even, peaceable, private s m    
agg tranquilla calm, peaceable, quiet, tranquil s f    
agg triste sad s f 2  
sost aiuto (1) help, help each other, aid, assist, facilitate s m    
sost allegria mirth, cheerfulness, jolliness s f    
sost amicizia friendship s f    
sost amore love, love affairs, darling, Cupid, Eros, devotion s m    
sost amori loves p m    
sost bacio (1) kiss (each other); excellent, perfect s m    
sost baci kisses; (2) kiss (each other); perfects p m    
sost bisogno need, necessity s m    
sost bugia lie, candlestick s f    
sost bugie lies, candlesticks p f    
sost colpa fault, blame, sin, wrong, guilt s f    
sost coraggio courage, bravery, gallantry s m u  
sost desiderio desire, wish, lust s m    
sost divertimento fun, amusement, entertainment s m    
sost divertimenti entertainment, amusement, fun p m    
sost emozione emotion, excitement, thrill s f    
sost emozioni emotions; (2) touch, move, are moved, excite p f    
sost felicità happiness, bliss, delight, felicity, gladness, joy b f i  
sost fortuna luck, good luck, fortune, blessedness, chance s f    
sost gioia joy, bijou, jewel s f    
sost lacrime tears; (32) waters, (2) water p f    
sost odio (1) hate; hatred; (1) detest s m    
sost paura fear s f    
sost pazienza patience s f    
sost pensiero thought, gift, mind, way of thinking s m    
sost piacere pleasure, pleased to meet you, favor s m    
sost risata laugh s f    
sost rispetto (1) respect; with respect, respect s m    
sost senso sense, meaning, feeling, sensation s m    
sost sentimento feeling, emotion s m    
sost sentimenti feelings, emotion, emotions, feeling p m    
sost soddisfazione satisfaction, joy, pleasure s f    
sost sogno (1) dream (of), think, imagine, long for s m    
sost sogni (2) imagine, think, dream of; dreams p m    
sost sorriso smile, appealed, smiled s m    
verbo confondere (to) confuse, become confused, get confused    
verbo desiderare to want, to desire, to crave, to wish, to hope    
verbo desideri (2) wish, want    
verbo dici (2) say    
verbo diventate become    
verbo odiare (to) hate, detest, loathe    
verbo preoccupare (to) worry, concern, trouble, take care, be worried    
verbo sognare (to) dream (of), imagine, think, long for; imagine    
verbo spaventare scare; (to) scare, be scared, be frightened    
verbo sperare to hope    
verbo spero (1) hope, trust, candle; trust    
verbo speriamo (4) hope; let’s hope; (4) candle, trust; trust    
u: 41 Abstract Objects 1
agg belli handsome p m 9  
agg buone good p f 9  
agg sorpresi (1) surprised, astonished, caught p m    
agg stanca (2) grow tired, get tired; (3) exhausts, strains s f    
agg stanche tired, slacks, strained, wearies, weary p f    
agg strani stranges p m    
avv piano slowly, gently    
sost aspetto aspect, carry, look; (1) wait for, await, expect s m    
sost autorità authority, authority figure, expert b f i  
sost azione action, act, deed, effect, play, share s f    
sost capacità ability, capacity, skill b f i  
sost caso case, (by) accident, chance, coincidence s m   f
sost categoria category, class, group s f    
sost categorie category, class p f    
sost conseguenza consequence, consequences, ripercussion s f    
sost conseguenze consequences p f    
sost costruzione construction, building, laying, manufacture s f    
sost costruzioni buildings, building, constructions p f    
sost danno damage, return; give (6) give s m    
sost danni damages, damage; (2) are damned, damn p m    
sost decisione decision, deliberation, purpose, strong-mindedness s f    
sost decisioni decisions, deliberation p f    
sost desideri wishes, want; (2) wish, desire, want p m    
sost differenza difference, distinction, gap, remainder s f    
sost differenze differences, distinction, gap, remainder p f    
sost difficoltà difficulty, trouble, difficulties, problem b f i  
sost effetto effect, as a matter of fact, in fact, belongings, impression s m    
sost effetti effects, as a matter of fact, in fact, belongings, bill p m    
sost epoca era, age, time, epoch s f    
sost esperienza experience, affair, experiment, practice, relationship s f    
sost esperienze experiences p f    
sost fase phase, stage s f    
sost fasi phases, stages p f    
sost favore favor s m    
sost fenomeno phenomenon s m    
sost fenomeni phenomenons p m    
sost forza strength; (2) force (oneself); (3) breaks through s f    
sost forze strength; (3) forces (oneself), breaks through p f    
sost giudizio opinion, (common) sense, judgement s m    
sost giudizi opinions, judgements, wisdom p m    
sost gonne skirts p f    
sost internet internet b m i  
sost istituto institute, school, institution s m    
sost istituti institute, school, institution p m    
sost maggioranza majority s f    
sost motivo reason, motive, points; (1) motivate (oneself) s m    
sost motivi reasons, motives; (2) account for oneself p m    
sost movimenti movements, motions; (2) liven up p m    
sost necessità necessity, need, needs, poverty b f i  
sost obiettivo objective, goal, purpose, aim, detached, impartial, lens s m    
sost obiettivi objectives, goals, aims, detached, impartial, lenses p m    
sost occasione occasion, opportunity, bargain, broke, broken s f    
sost origine origin, root s f    
sost passo step; (1) pass, spend, am over, am promoted s m    
sost passi steps; (2) pass, pass off, are over, are promoted p m    
sost personaggio character, figure, personage s m    
sost personaggi characters, figures, personage p m    
sost piano plan, floor, even, flat, level s m   f
sost piani plans, stories, flat, floors, plain, storeys p m   f
sost possibilità possibility, chance, income, likelihood, means b f i  
sost pratica (2) practice; (3) makes, practices, associates with s f    
sost presentazione presentation, introduction, lodgement, show s f    
sost presenza presence s f    
sost problema problem, issue, matter, question, trouble, worry s m    
sost problemi problems, issues, matters, questions, troubles, worries p m    
sost processo trial; (1) process, try s m    
sost processi trials; (2) process, try p m    
sost programma (computer) programm, plan; (2) budget, organize s m    
sost programmi plans, programms p m    
sost punto at all, period; (1) point, aim, bet, brace, direct s m    
sost punti points; (2) place a bet, mark (sth) with a dot, aim p m    
sost qualità quality, qualities, as, kind, properties b f i  
sost ragione reason, cause, ratio, right s f    
sost ragioni reasons, motives p f    
sost responsabilità responsibility, guilt, liability, responsibilities b f i  
sost rischi risks, at risk, chance; (2) face, risk, hazard, look at p m    
sost risultato result, accomplishment, appeared, come out s m    
sost risultati results, result, resulting p m    
sost sezione section, branch, department, dissection, part s f    
sost sicurezza security, safety; (self-) assurance, confidence s f    
sost situazione situation, position s f    
sost società (high) society, company, companies, association b f i  
sost struttura (2) structure; (3) is structured, structure s f    
sost territorio territory, country, region s m    
sost tipo type, kind, like, (classic) example, avergae, class s m    
sost tipi types, kinds, sorts p m    
sost tradizione tradition, handling over, legend s f    
sost versione version, model, translation s f    
sost vittima victim, sacrificial victim, casualty s f    
sost vittime victims, sacrificial victims, casualties p f    
sost volta time, arch s f    
sost volte times p f    
sost voto vote, preference, grade s m    
sost zona area, district, patch, region; (2) zone; (3) zones s f    
sost zone zones, areas p f    
verbo si chiamano (6) are called    
verbo miglioriamo (4) improve, improve ourselves, get better    
verbo riceviamo (4) receive    
u: 42 Sports
agg mondiale world, global, worldwide s f 2  
agg numerosi numerous, large p m    
sost allenatore coach, trainer s m    
sost atleta athlete s b   i
sost atleti athletes p m   v
sost attività activity, activities, task, asset, business s f i  
sost bici bike s f    
sost bicicletta bicycle s f    
sost biciclette bicycles p f    
sost calcio soccer, kick, pistol grip; (1) kick s m    
sost campionato championship, sampled s m    
sost campione champion, sample, cross-section, pattern s m   v
(!) il femminile è campionessa
sost crescita growth, increase, rise s f    
sost distanze distances, differences, gaps p f    
sost gara race, competition, contest, event s f    
sost gare races, competitions, contests, events p f    
sost genitore parent (father, mother) s m    
sost giocatore player, gambler s m   v
sost giocatori players p m   v
sost gioco game; (1) play, risk, bet, gamble, stake s m    
sost giochi games, plays; (2) play, bet, gamble, risk, stake p m    
sost gol goal, goals s m i  
sost palestra gym, gymnasium s f    
sost palla ball, pain in the ass, bummer, drag s f    
sost palle balls p f    
sost pallacanestro basketball s f    
sost partita match, game, batch, consignement, lot s f    
sost passeggiata walk, stroll s f    
sost piscina pool, swimming pool s f    
sost pista track, trail, ski run, racecourse, ring, runs s f    
sost premio prize, award, bonus, premium; (1) give a prize s m    
sost premi prizes, awards; (2) award a prize to, give a prize, reward p m    
sost pubblico public, audience, in public; (1) advertise, issue s m    
sost rete net, goal, network, grid, main, mesh s f    
sost situazioni situations, positions p f    
sost spettatore spectator, member of the audience, looker-on s m    
sost spettatori member of the audience, houses, looker-on p m    
sost sport sport s m i  
sost squadra team, squad, squadron s f    
sost squadre teams, squads, squadrons p f    
sost tennis tennis s m    
sost torneo tournament, championship; (1) joust, tourney s m    
verbo finiti finished    
verbo indicano (6) indicate    
verbo saltare (to) jump (over), to clear, to spring, to be cancelled    
u: 43 Verbs: Past Perfect
verbo andata gone    
verbo andate gone    
verbo arrivata arrived    
verbo arrivati arrived    
verbo avevo (1) had    
verbo avevi (2) had    
verbo aveva (3) had    
verbo avevamo (4) had    
verbo avevate (5) had    
verbo avevano (6) had    
verbo capita understood    
verbo capiti understood    
verbo conosciuti known    
verbo conosciute known    
verbo credevano (6) believed    
verbo stato been    
verbo stata been    
verbo stati been    
verbo eri (2) was    
verbo eravamo were; (4) were, were being, used to be; felt, was    
verbo fatta done    
verbo fatti done    
verbo guardata seen    
verbo lasciata left    
verbo messa put    
verbo passata passed    
verbo pensavamo (4) thought    
verbo piaciuti liked    
verbo portata taken    
verbo portati taken    
verbo portate taken    
verbo potevo (1) could    
verbo presa taken, grabbed, picked up    
verbo sapevamo (4) knew    
verbo sentita felt    
verbo tenuta kept    
verbo trovata found    
verbo trovavi (2) found    
verbo usata used    
verbo venuti come    
verbo vissuti lived    
verbo voluta wanted    
verbo voluti wanted    
u: 44 Adjectives 3
agg abituale habitual, usual, customary s b 2  
agg abituali habitual, usual, customary p b 2  
agg amichevole friendly s b 2  
agg amichevoli friendly p b 2  
agg annoiata bored, uninterested s f    
agg bagnato wet s m    
agg bagnati wet p m    
agg bagnate wet p f    
agg biondo blonde, blond, fair-haired s m    
agg bionde blonde, blond, fair-haired p f    
agg brillante shiny, brilliant, bright s b 2  
agg brillanti shiny, brilliant, bright p b 2  
agg brutto bad, ugly, awful, nasty, poor, terrible, worse s m    
agg brutta ugly, bad, rough (copy), rough work s f    
agg brutti ugly, bad, terrible p m    
agg brutte ugly, bad p f    
agg carino pretty, cute, good-looking, handsome, kind s m    
agg carina cute, pretty, good-looking, lovely, nice s f    
agg carine cute, pretty, good-looking, lovely, nice p f    
agg comodo comfortable, cushy, convenient s m    
agg comoda comfortable, cushy, convenient s f    
agg consapevole aware, conscious, mindful s b 2  
agg costante constant, consistent, even, persistent, uniform s b 2  
agg corretta correct, accurate, adjust, adjusted, check s f    
agg corrette correct, accurate, adjust, adjusted, check p f    
agg costoso expensive, costly, dear s m    
agg costosa expensive, costly, high-priced, pricey s f    
agg costosi expensive, burdensome, costly, dear, hard p m    
agg costose expensive, burdensome, costly, dear, hard p f    
agg crescente growing, crescent, deepening, expanding s b 2  
agg debole weak, small, delicate, dull, feeble, frail s b 2  
agg deboli weak, delicate, feeble p b 2  
agg diritta straight, linear, rectilinear s f    
agg diritte straight, linear, rectilinear p f    
agg disponibile available s b 2  
agg eccellente excellent, great, eminent, wonderful s b 2  
agg eccellenti excellent, great, eminent, wonderful p b 2  
agg emozionante exciting, thrilling, touching, moving s b 2  
agg etico ethical s m    
agg etica ethic, ethics, consumptive s f    
agg formale formal, ceremonious, cerimonial s b 2  
agg formali formal, ceremonious, cerimonial p b 2  
agg fortunata lucky, fortunate s f    
agg fortunati lucky, fortunate p m    
agg frequente frequent, common, frequently s b 2  
agg frequenti frequent; (2) freq., associate with, attend p b 2  
agg furbo sly, cunning, shrewd, astute, clever s m    
agg furba sly, cunning, shrewd, astute, clever s f    
agg furbi sly, cunning, shrewd, astute, clever p m    
agg furbe sly, cunning, shrewd, astute, clever p f    
agg gentile kind, good, nice, polite s b 2  
agg grandioso grand, magnificent, impressive s m    
agg grandiosa grand, magnificent, impressive s f    
agg grandiosi grand, magnificent, impressive p m    
agg grasso fat, overweight, plump, fatty, oily, greasy s m    
agg grassa fat, overweight, plump, fatty, oily, greasy s f    
agg ideale ideal, cause, perfect s b 2  
agg impegnato busy, occupied, booked, reserved s m    
agg impegnata busy, occupied, booked, reserved s f    
agg infantile child-like, childish, child, infantile, immature s b 2  
agg intellettuale intellectual, highbrow, mental s b 2  
agg intellettuali intellectual, highbrow, mental p b 2  
agg intelligente intelligent, bright, clever, sharp, smart s b 2  
agg interi whole, entire, complete, full, in full, integer, wholly p m    
agg lento slowly, at a slow pace, slow s m    
agg lenta slow, loose s f    
agg logico logical, logician s m    
agg logica logician, logic s f    
agg magra thin, slim, slender, low-fat, scarce, light s f    
agg magre thin, slim, slender, low-fat, scarce, light p f    
agg meraviglioso marvelous, wonderful s m    
agg morta dead s f    
agg morti dead, died (away), faded (out) p m    
agg morte death, dead p f    
agg noioso boring, tedious, annoying, irritating s m    
agg noiosa boring, tedious, annoying, irritating s f    
agg peggiore worse, worst s b 2  
agg peggiori worse, worst p b 2  
agg potenziale potential, prospective s b 2  
agg potenziali potential, prospective p b 2  
agg preferito favorite, preferred s m    
agg preferita favorite, preferred s f    
agg probabile likely, probable s b 2  
agg probabili likely, probable p b 2  
agg pubblici public p m    
agg pulita clean, clear, tidy s f    
agg puliti clean, clear, tidy p m    
agg radicale radical, drastic, far-reaching, root, root sign s b 2  
agg radicali radical, drastic, root p b 2  
agg rivoluzionario revolutionary s m    
agg rivoluzionari revolutionaries p m    
agg rumorosa noisy, loud s f    
agg rumorosi noisy, loud p m    
agg rumorose noisy, loud p f    
agg sbagliato wrong, mistaken, incorrect s m    
agg sbagliata wrong, mistaken, incorrect s f    
agg scuro dark s m    
agg scura dark s f    
agg scuri dark p m    
agg scure dark p f    
agg secca dry, arid, abrupt, blunt, terse s f    
agg secchi dry, arid, abrupt, blunt, terse p m    
agg selvaggio wild, primitive, savage, backward, uninhabited s m    
agg selvaggi wild, primitive, savage, backward, uninhabited p m    
agg serie serious, series, division, round, runs p f    
agg silenzioso quiet, silent, hushed s m    
agg silenziosa quiet, silent, hushed s f    
agg soffice soft, fluffy s b 2  
agg soffici soft, fluffy p b 2  
agg sorprese (32) surprised, w/w surprised, astonished, amazed p f    
agg sottile thin, fine, nice, sharp, slim s b 2  
agg sporca dirty, soiled, dishonest, shady, crooked s f    
agg sporchi dirty, soiled, dishonest, shady, crooked p m    
agg sporche dirty, soiled, dishonest, shady, crooked p f    
agg stanchi tired, slacks, strained, wearies, weary p m    
agg terribile terrible, awful, dreadful, fearful, horrendous s b 2  
agg terribili terrible, awful, dreadful, fearful, horrendous p b 2  
agg tonda round, rounded, circular s f    
agg uguale (the) same, alike, equal, equal sign, equals s b 2  
agg uguali (the) same, equal, alike, equal sign, even p b 2  
agg vivace lively, energetic, intense, vivid s b 2  
agg vuoto empty, clear s m    
agg vuota empty, clear s f    
agg vuoti empty, clear p m    
sost interiori interiors, inners p m    
sost passaporti passports p m    
sost pensieri thoughts, presents, thought p m    
sost soddisfazioni satisfactions, joys, pleasures p f    
verbo aggiungono (6) add    
verbo credevo (1) believed, thought, used to believe    
verbo diventiamo (4) become    
verbo muore (3) dies (away), fades (out); (2) die (away), fade (out)    
verbo ridiamo (4) laugh    
verbo sai (2) know, can, are able to, hear    
verbo vedeva (32) used to see, w/w seeing, saw    
u: 45 Adverbs 2
avv addirittura even    
avv modo altrimenti otherwise, or else, or, differently    
avv anzi on the contrary, nor, quite the opposite    
avv modo ben well, good, affection, assets, belongings    
avv giudizio affermativo certamente certainly, course, definitely, undoubtedly    
avv modo chiaramente clearly, distinctly, plainly, straight    
avv giudizio dubbio chissà who knows, goodness knows, maybe    
avv luogo dappertutto everywhere, all over the place    
avv modo direttamente directly, straight, direct(ly), right    
avv presentativo ecco here is, there is    
avv modo effettivamente actually, effectively, in effect, indeed, really    
avv eppure (and) yet, but, still    
avv giudizio affermativo esattamente exactly, accurately, actually, correctly, just    
avv modo essenzialmente essentially, basically    
avv modo estremamente extremely, in the extreme    
avv modo facilmente easily    
avv modo finalmente finally, in the end, at last, eventually, last    
avv modo fortemente strongly    
avv modo fortunatamente fortunately, blessedly, happily, thankfully    
avv modo frequentemente frequently, often    
avv modo generalmente generally, usually, widely    
avv modo gravemente seriously, gravely, grievously    
avv modo immediatamente immediately, at once    
avv giudizio affermativo infatti as a matter of fact, indeed, sure enought    
avv invece instead (of), on the contrary, on the other hand    
avv modo lentamente slowly, at a slow pace, slow    
avv giudizio dubbio magari perhaps, I wish, maybe    
avv giudizio affermativo naturalmente naturally, of course, course, sure enough    
avv giudizio negativo neanch’ either, even, neither, nor    
(!) se messo dopo il verbo, ha bisogno della negazione "non" anteposta a quest’ultimo: "nemmeno Anna è andata a scuola" = "non è andata a scuola nemmeno Anna"
avv modo necessariamente necessarily, of necessity    
avv giudizio negativo nemmeno even, not even, (n)either, (n)either… (n)or    
(!) se messo dopo il verbo, ha bisogno della negazione "non" anteposta a quest’ultimo
avv giudizio negativo neppure not even, neither, either, nor    
(!) se messo dopo il verbo, ha bisogno della negazione "non" anteposta a quest’ultimo
avv tempo frequenzia normalmente normally, usually    
avv oltretutto besides, moreover, on top of that    
avv modo particolarmente particularly, especially, notably    
avv modo perfettamente perfectly, absolutely    
avv modo possibilmente if possible    
avv modo praticamente practically, you know, in a practical way, all    
avv giudizio dubbio probabilmente probably, possibly, likely    
avv quindi therefore, so, afterwards, then    
avv tempo frequenzia raramente rarely, seldom    
avv modo recentemente recently, lately    
avv modo semplicemente simply    
avv giudizio affermativo sicuramente definitely, certainly, surely, safely    
avv modo sinceramente honestly, frankly, sincerly    
avv quantità solamente only, just    
avv modo specialmente especially, in particular, particularly    
avv modo talmente so, so much, to such an extent, that, those    
avv modo totalmente totally, completely    
avv modo ugualmente anyway, equally, anyways, even    
avv modo velocemente quickly, fast, rapidly, swiftly    
avv luogo distanzia via away, road, off, because of, duct, get, got    
sost presente gift, present (formal) s m    
verbo andati gone    
verbo arrivo (1) arrive    
verbo crede (3) believes    
verbo penso (1) think    
u: 46 Abstract Objects 2
agg vera true s f    
sost allenatori coaches, trainers p m    
sost altezza height, altitude, depth, greatness, highness s f    
sost appetito appetite, whet one’s appetite, longed for, coveted s m    
sost arrivo carry, finish, finished; (1) arrive s m    
sost arrivi arrival, coming, destinations, finish lines p m    
sost bambine baby girls, little girls, daughters p f   v
sost bellezza beauty, good looks, nobility s f    
sost buio dark, darkness, frowning, gloomy, nights s m u  
sost cambio change, derailleur gears; (1) change, exchange s m    
sost cambi changes p m    
sost collezione collection, series s f    
sost comportamento behaviour, conduct s m    
sost dettaglio detail, retail; (1) detail, itemize s m    
sost dettagli details; (2) detail, itemize p m    
sost divisione division, fits, partition, separation, split, discord s f    
sost durata duration, length, lengths, term s f    
sost elenco list; (1) list, count, enumerate s m    
sost esecuzione execution, carrying out, exercise, implementation s f    
sost frequenza frequency, attendance, prevalence, regularity s f    
sost importanza importance, relevance, influence, reputation s f    
sost infanzia childhood, youth s f    
sost influenza influence, effect, flu; (2) influence, (3) affects s f    
sost intenzione intention, aim, intent, purpose s f    
sost interpretazione interpretation, acting, reading, explanation s f    
sost linguaggio language, speech, style, tone s m    
sost maniera way, manner, custom, approach, fashion s f    
sost maniere ways, manners, customs p f    
sost mesi months p m    
sost nazione nation, country, state, people, folk s f    
sost nazioni nations, countries p f    
sost nemico enemy, adverse, hostile, opposing, contrary, foe s m   v
sost nemica enemy, enemies s f   v
sost nemici enemies, adverse, hostile p m   v
sost onore honor, credit, distinction, reputation, pride s m    
sost opportunità opportunity, advisability, broke, expendiency b f i  
sost opzione option, choice, alternative s f    
sost opzioni options, choices, alternatives p f    
sost parete wall, inside (wall), (mountain) face, side s f    
sost pareti walls; (2) appear, seem p f    
sost partenza departure, leaving, start s f    
sost passione passion, intense feeling, keenness s f    
sost perdita loss, waste, leak, deprivation, fell s f    
sost pericolo danger, peril, risk s m    
sost pericoli dangers, risks p m    
sost pressione pressure, press, strain, influence s f    
sost proprietà property, properties, characteristic, ownership b f i  
sost protezione protection, shelter, defense, protective device s f    
sost protezioni protections p f    
sost quantità amount, quantity, number, a lot of, magnitude b f i  
sost radice root, roots, origin, cause, square root (math) s f    
sost radici roots p f    
sost rappresentante representative, salesperson, delegate s f    
sost rappresentanti representatives p f    
sost riflessione reflection, thought, consideration, meditations s f    
sost riflessioni reflections, thoughts p f    
sost ritmo rhythm, beat; (1) mark the rhythm of, pattern s m    
sost ritmi rhythms, beats p m    
sost ritorno return; (1) return, get back, give back s m    
sost ritorni returns; (2) return, give back p m    
sost segnale signal, (road) sign, warning, message s m    
sost segno sign, gesture, as a sign of, mark; (1) mark s m    
sost segreto secret, concealed, secrecy, secretive s m    
sost sforzo effort, work, exertion; (1) force, strain s m    
sost sforzi efforts; (2) force, strain p m    
sost significato meaning, implied, meant, sense, relevance s m    
sost significati meanings, senses p m    
sost silenzio silence, quiet, quietness, still, calm, peace s m    
sost sorpresa surprise, amazement, astonishment s f    
sost vantaggio advantage, asset, benefit, edge, head start s m    
sost vantaggi advantages p m    
sost velocità speed, gear, quickness, rapidity, velocity b f i  
sost verità truth b f i  
sost violenza violence, aggressivness, brutality, coercion s f    
sost visione vision, view, eyesight, sight s f    
sost visioni visions, view; (2) examine, view p f    
verbo aggiungete (5) add    
verbo attraversiamo (4) cross    
verbo guardavano (6) w/w watching, looking    
verbo lavoriamo (4) work    
verbo usano (6) use    
u: 47 Verbs: Infinitive 2
agg belle beautiful p f 9  
agg straniere foreign p m    
pron personale 3c combinato glielo [gli + lo] it to him (lit.)    
pron personale 4 ogg. ind., altro prep. + pron.    
sost aiuti (2) help p m    
sost carte papers p f    
sost motociclette motorcycles p f    
sost pavimenti floors p m    
sost stadi stadiums p m    
verbo abbassare to lower    
verbo accedere to access, to enter    
verbo accendere to turn on    
verbo aiutano (6) help    
verbo andarci [andare ci] go there    
verbo appartenere to belong to, to be part of    
verbo ascoltare to listen    
verbo attraversare to cross    
verbo bruciare to burn    
verbo cadere to fall    
verbo camminare to walk    
verbo cantare to sing    
verbo colpire to hit    
verbo coltivare to cultivate, to grow    
verbo comprare to buy    
verbo concordare to agree    
verbo controllare to check    
verbo costare to cost    
verbo crescere to grow    
verbo descrivere to describe    
verbo dimenticare to forget    
verbo dirgli [dire + gli] tell him    
verbo dirle [dire + le] tell her    
verbo dirli [dire + li] tell them    
verbo disegnare to design    
verbo dormire to sleep    
verbo fallire to fail    
verbo farlo [fare + lo] do it    
verbo fanno (6) make/do    
verbo ferire to hurt    
verbo fermare to stop    
verbo fumare to smoke    
verbo girare to turn    
verbo giudicare to judge    
verbo guadagnare to earn    
verbo immaginare to imagine    
verbo imparare to learn    
verbo incontrare to meet    
verbo indossare to wear    
verbo iniziare to begin, to start, to launch, to initiate    
verbo insegnare to teach    
verbo invitare to invite    
verbo lasciarvi [lasciare + vi] to leave/let you    
verbo lavare to wash    
verbo mandare to send    
verbo mentire to lie    
verbo metterla [mettere + la] to put it    
verbo migliorare to improve    
verbo nuotare to swim    
verbo pagare to pay    
verbo passarti [passare + ti] to pass you    
verbo pensarci [pensare + ci] to think about something    
verbo pensi (2) think    
verbo pescare to fish    
verbo piangere to cry    
verbo preferire to prefer    
verbo prenotare to reserve    
verbo prestare to lend    
verbo pulire to clean up    
verbo ridere to laugh    
verbo riempire to fill    
verbo ringraziare to thank    
verbo riposare to rest    
verbo ritornare to return    
verbo rompere to break    
verbo rubare to steal    
verbo salvare to save    
verbo scusare to excuse    
verbo sedere to sit    
verbo sorridere to smile    
verbo spiegare to explain    
verbo spiego (1) explain    
verbo spingere to push    
verbo spostare to move    
verbo sto (1) am, stay    
verbo supporre to suppose    
verbo vendere to sell    
verbo viaggiare to travel    
verbo visitare to visit    
verbo volare to fly    
verbo volevi (2) wanted, used to want, meant, needed    
u: 48 Medical
agg aperti open p m    
agg bianchi white p m    
agg corti short p m    
agg fredde cold p f    
agg grandi big p b 9  
agg malato ill, sick, infirm, bedridden s m    
agg malata ill, sick, infirm, bedridden s f    
agg malati ill, sick, infirm, bedridden p m    
agg piene full, busy, complete p f    
agg possibili possible p b 2  
agg sano healthy, in good health, sound s m    
agg sana healthy, in good health, sound s f    
agg verdi green p b 2  
agg vuote empty p f    
espr avere mal di have an ache, feel sick (stomach, head, ear)    
sost ambulanza ambulance s f    
sost ambulanze ambulances p f    
sost benessere well-being, wellness s m    
sost bocca mouth s f    
sost braccio arm s m d  
sost bracci arms p m d  
(!) alt. plural: braccia
sost capelli hair (collective) p m    
sost caviglia ankle s f    
sost cervello brain s m    
sost clinica clinic s f    
sost collo neck, collar s m    
sost corpo body s m    
sost corpi bodies p m    
sost cuore heart s m    
sost cura therapy, treatment, care, attention s f    
sost dente tooth s m    
sost denti teeth p m    
sost dentista dentist, tooth doctor, dental practitioner s b   i
sost diagnosi diagnosis b f i  
sost dieta diet s f    
sost dito finger s m d  
sost dita fingers p f d  
sost dolore pain, ache s m    
sost dolori pains, aches p m    
sost droghe drugs p f    
sost emergenza emergency, urgency, plight, predicament s f    
sost faccia face, appearance s f    
sost facce faces p f    
sost farmacia pharmacy, drugstore s f    
sost febbre fever, temperature s f    
sost gamba leg s f    
sost gambe legs p f    
sost ginocchio knee s m d  
sost gola throat, gullet s f    
sost incidente accident, mishap, incident s m    
sost infermiere nurse (m), nurses (f) x x   v
sost infermiera nurse s f   v
sost intervento intervention, operation s m    
sost interventi interventions, operations p m    
sost labbra lips p f d  
sost malattia illess, disease, sickness s f    
sost mal badly ** sentirsi/star m.: to feel bad/ill s m    
(!) troncamento di "male"
sost male pain, ache, illness, disease; evil; disadvantage s m    
sost mano hand s f    
sost mani hands p f    
sost mappa map, picture, plan s f    
sost mattine mornings p f    
sost medicina drug, medicine, medication s f    
sost medicine medicines p f    
sost medico doctor, physician, medical doctor (MD) s m    
sost medici doctors, physicians p m    
sost muscolo muscle s m    
sost muscoli muscles p m    
sost nascita birth s f    
sost naso nose s m    
sost occhio eye, eyeball s m    
sost occhi eyes, eyeballs p m    
sost orecchio ear s m    
sost orecchi ears p m d  
sost organo organ (part of the body) s m    
sost organi organs (parts of the body) p m    
sost ospedale hospital s m    
sost osso bone s m    
sost paziente patient s m    
sost pazienti patients p m    
sost pelle skin s f    
sost petto chest s m    
sost piede foot s m    
sost piedi feet p m    
sost salute health, well-being s f    
sost sangue blood b m u  
sost schiena the back (body part) s f    
sost spalla shoulder s f    
sost spalle shoulders p f    
sost stomaco stomach, guts s m e  
sost testa head s f   f
sost trattamento treatment s m    
sost unghie nails p f    
sost virus virus b m i  
sost voce voice s f    
sost voci voices p f    
verbo ascolto (1) listen    
verbo cercano (6) look for    
verbo conosci (2) know    
verbo mette (3) puts    
verbo stavano were; (6) were (doing), used to be; stayed    
verbo vedi (2) see    
verbo vola (3) flies    
verbo volerci to be necessary, required (only for 3rd person sg/pl)    
verbo ci volevano (6) were required; it took    
u: 49 Verbs: Future
verbo andrò (1) will go    
verbo andrai (2) will go    
verbo andremo (4) will go    
verbo aprirò (1) will open    
verbo aprirai (2) will open    
verbo aprirà (3) will open    
verbo apriremo (4) will open    
verbo arriverai (2) will arrive    
verbo arriverà (3) will arrive    
verbo arriveremo (4) will arrive    
verbo arriveranno (6) will arrive    
verbo aspetterai (2) will wait for    
verbo aspetterà (3) will wait for    
verbo aspetteremo (4) will wait for    
verbo aspetteranno (6) will wait for    
verbo avrò (1) will have    
verbo avrai (2) will have    
verbo avrà (3) will have    
verbo avremo (4) will have    
verbo avrete (5) will have    
verbo avranno (6) will have    
verbo cambierà (3) will change    
verbo cambieremo (4) will change    
verbo capirai (2) will understand    
verbo capirà    
verbo capiremo (4) will understand    
verbo capiranno (6) will understand    
verbo chiamerò (1) will call    
verbo chiamerai (2) will call    
verbo chiamerà (3) will call    
verbo chiameranno (6) will call    
verbo chiesta    
verbo chieste    
verbo chiederò (1) will ask    
verbo chiederai (2) will ask    
verbo chiederemo (4) will ask    
verbo chiederanno (6) will ask    
verbo conoscerete (5) will know    
verbo conosceranno (6) will meet    
verbo corso run    
verbo costruirà (3) will build    
verbo costruiremo (4) will build    
verbo costruiranno (6) will build    
verbo crederai (2) will believe    
verbo crederà (3) will believe    
verbo darò (1) will give    
verbo darai (2) will give    
verbo daranno    
verbo decideremo (4) will decide    
verbo decideranno (6) will decide    
verbo dirò (1) will say    
verbo dirai (2) will say    
verbo dirà (3) will say    
verbo diranno (6) will say    
verbo diventerai (3) will become    
verbo diventerà (2) will become    
verbo diventeremo (4) will become    
verbo entrerà (3) will enter    
verbo entrerete (5) will enter    
verbo entreranno (6) will enter    
verbo sarò (1) will be    
verbo sarai (2) will be    
verbo sarà (3) will be    
verbo saremo (4) will be    
verbo sarete (5) will be    
verbo saranno (6) will be    
verbo farò (1) will do    
verbo farai (2) will do    
verbo farà (3) will do    
verbo faremo (4) will do    
verbo farete (5) will do    
verbo faranno (6) will do    
verbo finirai (2) will finish    
verbo finirà (3) will finish    
verbo finiremo (4) will finish    
verbo finiranno (6) will finish    
verbo giocherò (1) will play (with a toy)    
verbo giocherà (3) will play (with a toy)    
verbo giocheranno (6) will play (with a toy)    
verbo guarderò (1) will look    
verbo guarderai (2) will look at    
verbo guarderanno (6) will look at    
verbo indicherò (1) will indicate    
verbo indicherà (2) will indicate    
verbo lascerò (1) will leave    
verbo lascerai (2) will leave    
verbo lascerà (3) will leave    
verbo lavorerò (1) will work    
verbo lavoreremo (4) will work    
verbo lavoreranno (6) will work    
verbo leggerò (1) will read    
verbo leggerà (3) will read    
verbo leggeremo (4) will read    
verbo metterà (3) will put    
verbo metteranno (6) will put    
verbo morirai (2) will die    
verbo morirà (3) will die    
verbo offrirò (1) will offer    
verbo offrirai (2) will offer    
verbo offrirete (5) will offer    
verbo offriranno (6) will offer    
verbo parlerò (1) will speak    
verbo parlerà (3) will speak    
verbo partirò (1) will leave    
verbo partirai (2) will leave    
verbo partirà (3) will leave    
verbo partiremo (4) will leave    
verbo passerai (2) will pass    
verbo penserò (1) will think    
verbo penserai (2) will think    
verbo penserà (3) will think    
verbo penseremo (4) will think    
verbo penseranno (6) will think    
verbo perderò (1) will lose    
verbo perderai (2) will lose    
verbo perderà (3) will lose    
verbo piacerà will like (3)    
verbo porterò (1) will bring    
verbo porterà (3) will bring    
verbo potrò (1) will be able    
verbo potrà (3) will be able    
verbo potrete (5) will be able    
verbo prenderò (1) will take    
verbo prenderai (2) will take    
verbo prenderà (3) will take    
verbo proverò (1) will prove, verify    
verbo proveremo (4) will prove, verify    
verbo proverete (5) will prove, verify    
verbo restare to stay, to remain, to be still    
verbo resterò (1) will stay    
verbo resterà (3) will stay    
verbo resteremo (4) will stay    
verbo ricorderò (3) will remember    
verbo ricorderai    
verbo ricorderà (1) will remember    
verbo ricorderanno (6) will remember    
verbo rimarrai (2) will stay    
verbo rimarranno (6) will stay    
verbo risponderà (3) will answer    
verbo risponderemo (4) will answer    
verbo risponderanno (6) will answer    
verbo saprò (1) will know    
verbo saprà (3) will know    
verbo sapremo (4) will know    
verbo saprete (5) will know    
verbo sapranno (6) will know    
verbo scriverò (1) will write    
verbo scriverai (2) will write    
verbo scriverà (3) will write    
verbo scriveremo (4) will write    
verbo seguirò (1) will follow    
verbo seguirai (2) will follow    
verbo seguirà (3) will follow    
verbo seguiremo (4) will follow    
verbo seguiranno (6) will follow    
verbo sentirò (1) will feel    
verbo sentirai (2) will feel    
verbo sentiranno (6) will feel    
verbo starà (3) will stay    
verbo staremo (4) will stay    
verbo succederà (3) will happen    
verbo suonerò (1) will play (an instrument)    
verbo suoneremo (4) will play (an instrument)    
verbo suonerete (5) will play (an instrument)    
verbo tenute    
verbo terrò (1) will keep    
verbo terrai (2) will keep    
verbo terrà (3) will keep    
verbo terranno (6) will keep    
verbo troverò    
verbo troverai (2) will find    
verbo troverà (3) will find    
verbo troveremo (4) will find    
verbo troverete (5) will find    
verbo userai (2) will use    
verbo useremo (4) will use    
verbo usarete (5) will use    
verbo vedrò (1) will see    
verbo vedrai (2) will see    
verbo vedrà (3) will see    
verbo vedremo (4) will see    
verbo vedrete (5) will see    
verbo verrò (1) will come    
verbo verrai (2) will want    
verbo verremo (4) will arrive    
verbo verranno (6) will arrive    
verbo vivrò (1) will live    
verbo vivrà (3) will live    
verbo vivranno (6) will live    
verbo vorrò (1) will want    
verbo vorrà (3) will want    
verbo vorremo (4) will want    
verbo vorrete (5) will want    
verbo vorranno (6) will want    
u: 50 Verbs: Gerund
sost capello hair (single) s m